WordPress 6.3 New Features You Should Try

The second major WordPress update of 2023 has arrived! This new version has some notable updates, besides bug fixes, that you will find useful. We from WP Full Care will equip you with the benefits of these WordPress 6.3 new features and explain their potential impacts on how you manage your website.

Top New Features in WordPress 6.3

Updating to the latest version of WordPress is crucial. It enhances security, shielding your website from potential threats and vulnerabilities. Performance gets a boost, too, ensuring faster load times and smoother navigation. Moreover, each update brings fresh features, upping your website’s functionality and user experience. Staying current ensures you’re benefiting from the latest tools and improvements. Below, you will find the top new features in WordPress 6.3 you should be aware of.

A laptop on a desk
WordPress 6.3 has some new features you should explore to take your website to the next level

Site Editor Navigation Got a Boost

WordPress 6.3 presents an improved navigation encounter for the site editor, which came just in time to celebrate 20 years of WordPress. You will find Navigation, Styles, Pages, Templates, and Patterns on the left. This arrangement ensures convenient access to desired sections for editing. The navigation interface now features a top search button. Selecting it unveils the new command palette, discussed further ahead. Template Parts are currently located under Patterns, not among the primary navigation elements, so this refinement streamlines the navigation experience. 

You Can Now Edit Pages in The Site Editor

For those transitioning from different web platforms, the need to add or modify a page while editing their website is common. The new WP version simplifies the direct creation and editing of pages within the site editor. Editing pages within the site editor are effortless, as you can now access the Pages menu in the Editor navigation with a simple click. This action reveals your page inventory, and to begin editing, select a page from the list. Alternatively, create a new page draft by clicking the add (+) button. This feature’s most significant benefit and impact is the seamless integration of page management into the site editor. 

 In The Site Editor, Switch Theme Styles with Ease

Previously, these styles were housed within the Styles panel within the site editor, which was a bit obscure for newcomers. To enhance accessibility, WordPress now showcases these styles directly in the site editor navigation. This strategic shift ensures users can promptly spot and choose their preferred type. Moreover, the immediacy of this placement allows you to swiftly personalize and modify the chosen style according to your preferences.

New Command Palette Tool is a Great Addition 

Keyboard shortcuts streamline tasks and keep you productive while staying focused on typing. One of the WordPress 6.3 new features is the integration of a new command palette, and trying it out is simple. While editing a WordPress post, page, or within the site editor, use CTRL+K or Command+K. A search popup will appear and unveil shortcuts to toggle panels, initiate new posts/pages, access the site editor, and more. The command palette also features an API, empowering third-party developers to integrate their commands.

A person using a laptop
The new command palette tool allows you to get more things done just by using the keyboard.

You Get Two New Blocks in The Block Editor

WordPress 6.3 introduces two new blocks: Footnotes and Details. The Footnotes block simplifies referencing resources at the article’s end, so no manual creation or plugins are needed. Just select ‘Footnote’ in the toolbar’s three-dot menu. The Details block conceals content, requiring clicks to reveal. Add it, input the visible range, and place the hidden content beneath. It works for various block types, like paragraphs, images, media, and plugin-generated blocks.  You can combine multiple detail boxes for FAQs, trivia, and info sections. This feature makes content creation easier, and you can pair it up with some of the best WordPress SEO plugins to enrich the visitor’s experience and interaction with your website. 

Better Padding and Margin Tools

Previously, when users unlinked padding and margin tools, they took up a lot of space. This often led to a cluttered and confusing interface. The new padding and margin tools now take up much less space and are more user-friendly. This enhancement brings a cleaner interface, making it easier for users to navigate and design their content. With a streamlined layout, users can focus better on their tasks, create visually appealing designs, and maintain an organized workspace.

Link Control Upgrades in WordPress 6.3

The block editor uses Link control to add links, and WordPress 6.3 enhances settings. You can directly craft a page through the link control popup, streamlining the process. Moreover, the toggle to open links in a new tab or window has been relocated to the Advanced settings within the link addition interface. This adjustment offers a more intuitive experience, making it more straightforward for users to manage their links and control how they open.

Under The Hood Changes

If you are a developer, here are the WordPress 6.3 new features that you will find relevant: 

  • Upgrades in image performance for faster page load times and addressing core web vital concerns, including LCP rendering and image prioritization in user view
  • Enhancement in emoji loader for quicker loading of emoji script
  • Addition of defer and async support to WP Scripts API
  • Incorporation of fetch priority aid for images
  • Exclusion of lazy loading for images beyond the loop in traditional themes
  • Effort to revert unsuccessful plugin and theme updates
  • Combination of get_posts() and get_pages()

Overall, this new update will allow you to make significant changes to your website and level it up!

New programming WordPress 6.3 features you should try
There are some new and exciting WordPress 6.3 features you should try as a web developer!

Use WordPress 6.3 New Features To Your Advantage!

In conclusion, the WordPress 6.3 new features bring essential enhancements that boost performance and remove some of the most common WordPress errors. These changes enhance page load speed and overall user experience and address crucial web issues. We strongly encourage you to promptly update your platforms and take advantage of these new features. We’re excited to hear about your experiences and tips with the latest version, so feel free to share your insights in the comment section below and help foster a collaborative and thriving WordPress community!

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