When Is the Best Time to Publish a Blog

Whenever you publish a blog post, your main goal is to hit the most traffic, social shares, and comments. If you spent the majority of your day writing a great post, you surely want it to reach a big audience and timing can play a crucial role in achieving this. So if you ever caught yourself wondering about when to publish your latest post, we’re here to answer this question for you. Continue reading and you’ll find out when’s the best time to publish a blog. This will help you promote your blog and have it reach a wider audience.

The best time to publish a blog post

Starting a WordPress blog is the easiest part of the job. Promoting your blog and attracting more readers is when it gets challenging and more difficult. That’s why knowing when’s the best time to publish a blog is very important.

A laptop with a page with charts and numbers opened on it
Knowing the best time to publish a blog will help you attract more readers.

However, the right timing for publishing a blog depends on what you want to achieve. Therefore, in this article, we’ll let you know when to publish a post if you want to:

  • boost traffic
  • increase social shares
  • get backlinks and comments

Best time and days to publish a blog to boost traffic

You probably heard already that posting content online at a specific time or on certain days will ensure you get the most traffic. In fact, there were different studies done to support this. For example, Shareaholic did a study in 2011 which shows that the best time to publish a post is on weekdays during the early morning (between 7 AM and 1 PM EST). As the peak time is between 9 AM and 10 AM, you should aim to schedule or publish your posts then.

Another research showed that 70% of users read blogs during the AM hours. When you think about it, this doesn’t really come as a surprise Most people start their day by going through emails, planning their day, or catching up on the latest news. This doesn’t mean that people don’t read blogs throughout the day but only that you should focus on publishing mostly in the morning.

A person writing a blog post on their black laptop and scheduling time to publish
Deciding when to post your blog is as important as its quality and content.

Besides knowing the best time, knowing the best days to publish a blog can also help you generate more traffic. Several different studies have concluded that the best day to publish a blog post and get more page views is Monday. However, if you are looking to generate social shares or backlinks, other days will work better but we’ll talk about that more later in the article.

Best time to publish a blog to increase social shares

If your goal is to engage users on social media, you should aim to push your blog post at the time when most of your users are active. But when is that? According to research from a few years back that analyzed over 65,000 blog posts, blogs published on Sundays tend to get the most shares.

Sunday is also the least competitive day to publish your blog posts. Even though Sunday is also the most “social” day, most businesses don’t post on weekends so you should take this opportunity. Also, Mondays and Tuesdays are good days to post but you’ll be facing much tougher competition.

When it comes to the best time to publish for social shares, things tend to be quite interesting. For instance, most social shares are given to blog posts published at 3 PM EST. On the other hand, a lot of other people tend to publish at that time which puts your post at the risk of being buried in the virtual pile of articles. The shareability is the highest during evening hours (9 PM to 2 AM) when there aren’t many new posts being published. Take this to your advantage and you’ll ensure more exposure for your blog.

Best time to publish a blog to get links and comments

If you want to get backlinks for your blog posts, Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days. And if you make sure to publish during early mornings on those two days, you will increase your odds of getting most inbound links even more.

When it comes to generating more comments, it’s suggested to choose Saturdays for posting. The peak commenting time is around 9 AM so it’s recommended to publish your post then. When you look at it, it makes sense given that people have more time on weekends to read through your content with full attention and come up with a reply. So if you are looking to get opinions from your users or simply start a conversation, this is the best time to post your article.

Two women sitting at a desk and looking at a Samsung laptop
Your great writing skills are unfortunately not enough to get people talking about your blog and sharing posts.

Publishing a blog during peak hours vs. publishing during low-activity times

Many people wonder if publishing during peak hours is actually better than doing so when the activity is low. Truthfully, there’s no universal answer. However, there are some general benefits and downsides of posting during peak and non-peak hours that should help you decide.

When it comes to posting at peak hours, you’ll surely get more page views and visitors. Also, you can count on more social shares, comments, and overall user engagement. However, there is a risk of your post being buried among other articles. This can make readers choose to skim it rather than really read it. Eventually, this may result in a higher bounce rate.

On the other hand, posting during non-peak hours will get you less competition. This means you’ll have more potential exposure for your post. Posting at this time will also make it easier for you to promote your content on different social media platforms. However, posting during low-activity times also means fewer visitors and less engagement, too.

The bottom line

As you can see, knowing the best time to publish a blog is crucial for boosting traffic, social shares, and comments. By hitting the right timing, you’ll ensure your blog post goes viral. Thus, you’ll attract a wider audience to your website. However, focusing on your blog and content can be difficult, especially if you have to take care of your website maintenance at the same time. Why not let professionals from wpfullcare.com handle all other aspects of your WordPress website maintenance? You can focus on your writing knowing your website is running smoothly.


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