What’s coming in WordPress 6.0

The wait is over, WordPress 6.0 is finally here! This new version is entitled “Arturo” after Arturo O’Farrill, a legendary jazz musician. The first thing you should know is that WordPress 6.0 comes with almost 1,000 improvements. And these are all meant to help you be more creative and provide you with a more intuitive experience. Moreover, these enhancements target both content creators and site owners, and administrators. Therefore, everyone will benefit from this latest version. Now, let’s take a moment and dive into what’s coming in WordPress 6.0.

What’s coming in WordPress 6.0? Better performance

This new version is great because it reduces the execution time for navigation menus, queries, caching, and many more. Plus, it also enhances the loading speed for posts and pages. All of this will increase efficiency and performance, thus providing a better experience.

What’s coming in WordPress 6.0? Improved accessibility

Since the mission of WordPress is to support all users, from every corner of the world, accessibility is one of its top priorities. Therefore, to improve user experience, WordPress 6.0 comes with over 50 accessibility updates. Some of these enhancements apply to Handling Media, Navigation Block, alt text for featured images, screen readers, and many more.

A woman smiling while working on her laptop.
What’s coming in WordPress 6.0? Improved accessibility for all users.

What’s coming in WordPress 6.0? Better full site editing

1) Page creation patterns

Up till now, when you started to create a page, you generally had a blank layout. However, WordPress 6.0 gives you the option to choose from multiple patterns. Of course, this is only the first step and you need to build from there.

2) New template options

Templates are great because they help you save time. And while the older versions of WordPress did provide templates, they were limited. Therefore, the latest release comes with five new options that give you more flexibility. These include author, date, categories, tag, and taxonomy.

3) Style variations

The style variation feature is amazing because from now on you can change the look of your website with just a few clicks. Specifically, you can have one theme and several variations. These variations include changing the color palette and the font weight.

A multicolored wall.
With the style variation feature you can change the color palette of your website with a few clicks.

4) Brand new design tools

Just like you need a makeover every once in a while, so does your website. If you want it to be attractive, it is highly recommended that you regularly improve the design. So, the fact that WordPress 6.0 comes with brand new design tools is great. Here are some examples:

  • You can now control the transparency levels of the colors you use.
  • You can use the new gap support feature to add or remove spacing between your images.
  • You have more flexibility when it comes to positioning groups of blocks.
The word “design” is printed on top of multiple pencils.
WordPress 6.0 brings new tools that will help you improve the design of your website.

5) Better color editing experience

The latest WordPress version provides a dropdown-based color picker. Firstly, this is a great idea for saving space and keeping the design tools organized. Secondly, it enhances the editing experience by making it easier to pick a few consecutive colors.

6) Better writing experience

While WordPress 6.0 doesn’t come with major writing improvements, the new features will enhance your writing experience. A very helpful feature is that when you type “[[“ you’ll see a list of recent pages and posts on your website. This is great, particularly if you want to add internal links.

With the older versions, it was impossible to select text from different blocks without selecting the entire text from both. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that that is over. The new version enables you to select and edit text from separate blocks any way you want.

Another annoying thing about the older releases was customizing multiple buttons. Whenever you wanted to add several buttons you had to repeat the entire customization process for each one. However, now, you can simply customize one button and then add more with the same style.

And another great addition is that you can now change the block type without changing the style. Moreover, WordPress 6.0 also reminds you to add categories and tags before publishing. And this is great because they are important, but sometimes they are omitted.

7) Block locking

When our experts at WP Full Care reviewed what’s coming in WordPress 6.0, they determined that block locking is a very useful new feature. This enables you to lock your blocks so that nobody can move or edit them. And whenever you want to move or edit them yourself, you can just disable the option.

8) New types of blocks

The latest version of WordPress comes with several new blocks that will improve your experience. Just to name a few, you now have a Post Author Biography block, an Avatar block, and a Read More block. The latter is particularly useful because it enables you to link the button to a post or page.

Another useful feature is the Comments Query Loop block. In the previous versions, this was known as the Post Comments block. However, the new feature provides more customization options. For instance, you can choose a nested display of your comments. And this is great because it makes it easier for the user to differentiate between initial comments and replies.

9) Better list view

With the latest release of WordPress, it’s much easier to navigate your list view of blocks. They are grouped and collapsed which helps you find what you’re looking for faster. Moreover, you can select and modify several blocks and reposition them within the list.


Before you download WordPress 6.0, don’t forget to backup. Be advised that this is essential. So, whatever you do, create a backup of your WordPress database, files, plugins, themes, and media library.

Final thoughts

So, what’s coming in WordPress 6.0? A lot. It brings nearly 1.000 enhancements resulting from the contribution of more than 500 individuals from 58 different countries. And as you’ve seen, all of these improvements aim to make everything more user-friendly. Therefore, the new release will help you be more creative and efficient in your work. So, don’t waste any time, just backup your website and download WordPress 6.0.

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