Top guide on how to increase conversion rate

Increasing the conversion rate is one of the primary goals of every website. You want visitors to become returning customers. To achieve this, you can use many different strategies. However, not all are efficient. That’s why WP Full Care created this guide on how to increase conversion rate. The approaches we cover here have proven their efficiency, so let’s see how you can use them to your benefit.

What is considered a good conversion rate?

Team meeting to determine how to increase conversion rate.
Gather your team and define website conversion rate goals.

When we look at the number of website visitors on a daily level, what would consider as a good conversion rate? Most websites get one customer on every 1000 visitors, and that number does not have to be steady. On the other hand, having one or two conversions on every 100 visits seems like a reasonable place to start. To increase conversion rate, you need a few things:

  • Discover what your current conversion rate is;
  • Come up with the desired conversion rate;
  • See if your goal is realistic and reachable, and if not, set a lower goal and slowly build to it;

This process is slow and anyone who tells that you can substantially increase your conversion rate overnight is not telling the truth. Organic conversion rate requires dedication, customer communication, and quality of the products. With that in mind, let’s see what the best way to boost user experience on your WordPress website is, and how that can help increase the conversion rate:

Use SEO to help your customers find you

The most important step in this guide on how to increase conversion rate is to help your potential customers find you. You need to work on SEO all the time. Optimize your keywords to target the correct group of people that share an interest in what you do. The best way to do that is to research your competitors and see what keywords lead to their website. Take those keywords and improve them. Furthermore, you can also use software that will help track the effectiveness of your keywords. See what works and what keywords have no value for you, and get rid of them.

Once you are sure you have enough daily visitors to move forward towards your goal, you can proceed to the next step.

Clear out your website by removing unnecessary elements

People writing down data.
Understanding SEO is not easy, there are many elements that play a crucial role in it.

When you examine your website, think about what it should bring to you. Ideally, you want visitors to:

  1. Come to your website;
  2. Read about what you do;
  3. Find interest in value in it;
  4. Commit to a purchase.

Now, what could stop them from coming to the fourth step? We already mentioned how a clean and targeted SEO strategy helps the right people find you. So, if the right people are there, but there are no conversions, what’s wrong?

The important thing to understand here is that every element on your website needs to have a purpose. If you keep adding unnecessary pages, forms, etc., you risk distracting your visitors and leading them away from actually converting into customers.

A good website has only the essential features, concise, minimalistic design, and focuses on delivering what the visitor is looking for. Have a web designer examine your website, let them know what you are trying to achieve, and help them to clean your website and remove all the distractions.

Add pop-ups, but maintain a subtle approach

Website pop-ups can be pretty annoying. In fact, they can easily help a visitor make a decision never to come back to that website. If you are not careful, and you keep spamming them, visitors will have a feeling you are pushing too hard.

One of the most annoying things is a pop-up that hides the entire website every couple of seconds. You need to constantly close it to be able to read what’s behind it.

The best way to add pop-ups is to carefully think about “when” and “where”. Whenever a visitor visits your homepage, they should see a non-invasive, greeting pop-up, that calls them to take action. This way, if they are a returning customer, they can easily reach the desired page without going through all the website material again.

When we talk about converting new visitors, a pop-up should come at a time when they already know a lot about what you offer. There is no need to spam them even before they understand what your product is. A pop-up should appear at the moment when they have enough information to think about whether to purchase or not. This is one of the proven tactics to increase website sales.

A callback widget is a good solution as well

Sometimes, providing site visitors with popups while they are on the website can easily go from useful to annoying. Instead, there is a different approach that you can take with your subtle engagement – in the form of callback popups. ConvertMore is a callback widget that complies with WordPress and focuses on those visitors looking to leave your website before actually converting. It offers visitors that lifeline of getting in touch with one of your representatives directly via phone. And it is innovative solutions that present examples of just how to increase conversion rate with a simplistic yet smart approach.

Add testimonials, reviews, and business partners

Man giving a thumbs up
A good review will tip the scale in your direction, and help visitors decide to become customers.

The only way to make someone commit to a purchase is to prove you are trustworthy, and that you provide quality service. By adding testimonials, reviews, and a list of verified business partners, you are building a name out of your business. Furthermore, a visitor is more likely to convert and become a customer if they see examples of other satisfied customers.

The importance of a third-party signup form

Third-party signup is a good way to remove the tedious process of creating a new account from scratch. One of the most popular ways to do this is with the help of social logins. A visitor can simply use their existing Facebook or Instagram or any other Social Media account to log in to the member part of your website. This reduces the amount of time they need to spend on creating a new profile, so they could access the customer part of the website. The faster you allow them to get there, the better.

Guide on how to increase conversion rate explained

This guide on how to increase conversion rate should help you to better understand the entire process. Furthermore, there are many other useful ways to accomplish this. However, as long as you understand what you are trying to accomplish, you can take any strategy and apply it in the right way.

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