Tips to Clear Your Browser Cache in All Major Browsers

Clearing browser cache is recommended for multiple reasons. It can fix loading bugs, fix internet speed, and it is also useful if you changed your password and you want to reset your login credentials, or you want to prevent websites from tracking you. Depending on the browser you use, clearing browser cache will have different procedures. With that in mind, let’s look at tips to clear your browser cache in all major browsers!

What are the major web browsers?

Even though many people are mostly familiar with IE, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, there are more internet browsers at your disposal. Some of the major web browsers are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Konqueror
  • Lynx
  • Tor

No matter what browser you use, we are all familiar with what can happen if you don’t clear browser cache. This is also important if you own a website that experiences bugs when loading. While you can hire professionals to take care of your website, here are a few things you can do.

Clearing cache in Google Chrome

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers today. So, when talking about how to clear your browser cache in all major browsers, let me start with Google Chrome. Once you open it, click on the three dots in the top right corner. This will provide more options, so go to More tools and Clear Browsing Data. Select the time range and check all boxes you want to clear. Once you click Clear Data, wait for it to finish, and restart the browser.

Internet Explorer

Notorious IE is one of the least used browsers today. In fact, you may easily find tons of memes joking about Internet Explorer. Nevertheless, here is how to clear browsing cache in this browser.

Press CTRL, SHIFT, and DELETE keys at the same time. Once the popup window opens, click on Delete Browser History. Check the boxes you want to clear and click on Delete.

Another option is to click on the cog button, fo to Extras -> Internet Options, and locate the General tab. Inside, you will click on the Browser History option and then hit Delete. You will get the same screen with checkbox options to select.

Have in mind that Internet Explorer does not have the time range option.

A keyboard and a mouse.
You can clear browser cache both within the browser options and by using keyboard shortcuts.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on the Hamburger button, and go to Options -> Privacy & Security panel. You will find Clear Data withing the Cookies and Site Data section. Select the checkboxes you want to clear, and click on the Clear button.

Another way to clear cache in Mozilla is to go to Library -> History -> Clear Recent History. Choose Everything next to the Time Range option, select all items you want to clear and click Clear Now.

Finally, if you go to Privacy & Security -> History section, click on the dropdown next to Firefox Will. Under the Use Custom Setting for History, select the Clear History when Firefox closes.


Click on the Menu -> Settings -> Data and Security. Under the Privacy section, click on the Clear Browsing Data. Pick the time period, select checkboxes you want to clear and click the Clear Browser data.

As you can see, steps to clear your browser cache in all major browsers are pretty much repetitive.


Safari is the most popular browser for Apple users. For PC users, click on the Gear icon -> Reset Safari, and select the items you want to clear. Next, click Reset. For Mac users, go to the Safari menu -> Clear History, pick All History, and finally click on the Clear History button.


Clearing the cache in Edge is pretty simple. Click on the three dots and go to Settings. Under the Clear Browsing Data go to Choose What to Clear, and once you check all the boxes you want, click Clear.


This open-source web browser is common with UNIX users. Under the Settings menu, go to Configure Konqueror. Select Cache in the Web Browsing section, and then click Clear Cache and OK buttons.


This is another web browser for UNIX, VMS, and similar platforms. Lynx is a bit specific when it comes to web cache. It does not store browsing history unless you are using the session data feature. To clear cookies, remove the COOKIE_JAR setting in the Lynx.cfg.


Tor is one of the most infamous web browsers. It is extremely useful if you want to hide your identity. However, many people avoid it out of fear, since it is a fact that many users use Tor for illegal activities. Nevertheless, you can still use it safely for yourself, just don’t go to the dark corners!

A person browsing the internet with the word Security above his head.
Always think about your safety when browsing the internet.

To clear cache for Tor, go to the Hamburger menu -> Options, and click on the Privacy tab. Under the Clear all current history set the time range to Everything, check the options you want to clear, and make sure that Cache is selected as well. To finish the process, click on the Clear now button.

A few additional advice useful to clear your browser cache in all major browsers

After clearing out the cache and browsing history, always remember to restart the browser. Additionally, also remember that there are files also stored in the temporary internet folder on your PC or laptop. To clear those files as well, go to the Run option, and type %Temp%. Once you click on Run, it will open the Temporary Internet folder. Select everything and click Delete. If it prompts you with a message that some files cannot be deleted, just click on Skip All.

A few final words

Even though these tips to clear your browser cache in all major browsers are very useful, nothing is as important as making sure to browse the web in a safe manner. The Internet is a wonderful invention, but it can also be dark and dangerous if you are not careful. With that in mind, always be smart about it. Enjoy browsing the web!