The Importance of Logo Design

When designing a website there are usually dozens of different aspects that you need to tackle. You need to ensure that your website runs smoothly and that it is well-optimized. And you need to ensure that it is intuitive and that your users have an easy time navigating it. So, amongst all those factors, it might seem that the logo of your website isn’t all that important. Well, once you get a bit of understanding of marketing and managing online presence you will soon understand the importance of logo design and why so many people choose to add a custom logo to their WordPress website.

Why is a logo important

To understand why a logo is important you first need to realize what it represents. The most straightforward way to consider it is that it is a condensed representation of the core idea of your website. The core idea is, as the name suggests, what your website is all about. For instance, if your website is about selling shoes, your core idea can be that your shoes increase the athletic performance of your customers. If your website is about providing a moving service, your core idea can be that you are reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective. Your core idea will be the basis of your branding and your overall marketing. And your logo is the minimalist representation of your core idea.

Brand recognition

A good logo is fairly easy to spot. Think of any large successful company, and you’ll see that they have a tremendous logo that they use in virtually every aspect of their marketing. Coca-Cola, Ford, NBA, UFC… All have expertly designed logos that are memorable, recognizable, and seamlessly woven into their marketing. It is the last aspect that gives those names brand recognition, as the logos are essential for its development.

Coca-Cola wrap on a bottle.
You cannot run an effective marketing campaign if you don’t have a good logo.

A good logo is easy to promote and incorporate into marketing. This makes it the key aspect of brand development and brand promotion. This is so prevalent that brand and logo are often seen as synonyms (which they are not). Therefore, you can see for yourself how important it is to have a good logo.

Visual representation of the core idea

One of the questions that likely crossed your mind is “Why does one need to have a visual representation of a core idea?” Well, to put it simply, having a visual representation of something is essential for invoking the memory of it. The psychology behind this is fairly robust, so they ask that for now, you take our word for it. But, in essence, by making a visual representation of an idea you create a symbol. The more you use a symbol, the more it invokes the core idea in the general audience. This leads to your brand being on the minds of your audience, even when they are not directly engaging with your marketing content.

A cross sitting on a hill representing Christianity, and showing one aspect of the importance of logo design.
Pay attention to the use of symbols in religion, politics, and social movements if you want to truly understand the deeper importance of logo design.

How to design a good logo

Let’s assume that you’ve understood the importance of logo design and that you want to create a new logo. How are you supposed to go about doing so? Well, in essence, there are only a couple of steps that you need to take. But it is paramount that you tackle them with due care:

  1. Find a good logo designer – Ideally, you will find someone who already worked in your industry. Due to their prior experience, they will likely be more efficient in designing a satisfactory logo for you.
  2. Developing your core idea – Once you find your designer you need to work with them in order to develop your core idea. Once you do, they’ll be able to boil it down to a single image (your logo).
  3. Working with a designer – Know that designing a logo is a process. So, you will likely see different logo versions before you find the one you are satisfied with. Just try to communicate as clearly as you can and give constructive criticism to your designer. Unless stated otherwise know that saying “I like it” or “I don’t like it” isn’t worth much.
Different logos for a Halloween party
You will likely go through numerous logo ideas before you settle on the one that suits you.

Why do people often underestimate the importance of logo design?

So, with all this considered, why do people so often underestimate the importance of logo design. Well, there are two reasons for this. The first is that they don’t think that having a good logo is important. And the second is that they believe the logo design is fairly easy. The first is usually born from little experience in marketing. While the second is a product of hubris and the common misconception that just because something looks simple, it probably is.

Little to no experience in marketing

Since we’ve already highlighted the importance of logo design for marketing, we won’t repeat ourselves. Instead, we will recommend that, if you are still unsure of the value of logo in marketing, that you consult with a more experienced professional. There is hardly a marketing manager out there that won’t outline to you just how important it can be to have a good logo.

Look simple = anyone can do it

The second mistake plagues in quite common, even among people that have marketing experience. Namely, once you take a look at a logo, it likely looks quite simple. All the companies that we’ve mentioned (Coca-Cola, Ford, UFC…) all have fairly simple logos. A simple shape, some words, a basic color… Nothing complicated, right? Well, as it is with most art, just because something looks simple, doesn’t mean that it is. Designers spend years studying logo design and various aspects of it, in order to create something like Coca-Cola.

Everything from the shape and the size of your logo, to the colors used for it and the background shapes, is entirely intentional. Every design decision made is backed up by years of experience, research, and incorporation of current marketing trends. So, if you believe that anyone can pick up a pen and design a good logo, give it a try. Soon you’ll see just how difficult the process actually is.