The Best WordPress Migration Plugins

As you might have heard or read about already – starting a new WordPress website is quite simple. Which is one of the reasons this CMS has been so popular in the first place. However, if your goal is to move an already existing site to a new hosting, this might not be such an easy task. Namely, once you decide to so this, you will need to take care of moving your web site’s database, plugins, files, and theme. And, of course – you need to make every effort to preserve the SEO rankings of your site.

So – how can you make sure that this entire process goes smoothly? All you need is one of the best WordPress migration plugins to help you manage this transfer. Without further ado, WP Full Care gives you a list of the migration plugins which will allow you to successfully migrate your WordPress website.

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Moving an already existing site to a new hosting might not be as easy as starting a WordPress website.

1. Duplicator Pro

This particular WordPress migration plugin is something you will most likely find quite useful. Regardless of the type of migration or your level of technical knowledge, Duplicator Pro will prove to be one of the best options. With the help of its simple, step-by-step wizard, you will be guided through the migration process. The process itself is made up of several steps.

  • Creating a migration package of your site
  • Downloading it to your computer (along with an installer script)
  • Uploading the package and the installer script to the new location.

The plugin then unpacks your package’s content and installs it. You can then update URLs and check if everything runs the way it’s supposed to after the unpacking has been completed. Using Duplicator Pro helps you migrate your WordPress website to a new domain name, local server, host or live site. You can also use it to schedule backups and save those on the remote storage. On the other hand, if you happen to be a beginner, you might need the assistance of WordPress maintenance professionals to help with your connection to the FTP server. Also, if you happen to have a rather large website, the upload process could last for ages.

2. UpdraftPlus Premium

UpdraftPlus Premium is also an important item of our list of best WordPress migration plugins. The premium version of this plugin offers a migration tool as well. It will allow you to migrate your WordPress website with ease. It is user-friendly and if you are using it as a backup plugin, you have the option of creating a complete backup and importing it on any location. If you wish to perform the migration using UpdraftPlus Premium, you will need to install WordPress on the destination.

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Choosing a user-friendly plugin helps you perform a successful migration.

3. JetPack

As a user of a WordPress website, you must have heard about the JetPack plugin already. But perhaps you were unaware that this massive plugin suite has a feature that allows you to migrate your site to new servers. This feature used to be sold as a separate product, but is now included in JetPack. So what are some of the reasons this particular type of migration has been so popular? There are several reasons for this:

  • Using JetPack is most likely the easiest way to make backups for your WordPress and then restore those on some new location.
  • Migration becomes a simple, straightforward process with JetPack’s one-click restoration feature.
  • Since all of your data will be stored on the cloud, you will not have to re-upload backups manually during migration.
  • Your backups will be secure due to JetPack’s site security features.

4. All-in-One WP Migration

As you might have guessed from its name, All-in-One WP Migration specializes in migrations and is not a backup plugin. Although it supports numerous WordPress hosting providers and operating systems, it has some downsides as well. Namely, you will have to install your WordPress on a new location manually. Additionally, if you want to restrictions related to the import size – you will have to use the paid Unlimited extension.

5. Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru is one of the best WordPress migration plugins, one that you will find especially useful if you’re trying to migrate your website to a new server or host. Its chief advantages are the ability to support almost every well-known WordPress hosting provider; but also its ability to migrate very large sites without this having any effect on the server performance.

6. BackupBuddy

Around since 2010, and having a devoted customer base, BackupBuddy has been one of the most well-known WordPress migration and backup plugins. By using a complete backup of your WordPress website, you’ll be able to easily transfer your site. Do remember, however, that it doesn’t support WordPress multisite. In addition, unlike some other plugins, it might require you to opt for hiring services of WordPress experts. There is a simple reason for this – its migration features are just not that easy to use for WP beginners.

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Performing the migration of your WordPress website is a task you can consider leaving in the hands of professionals.

And the list goes on. As you can clearly see, once you decide to migrate your WordPress site, you’ll have many options available. Just keep in mind that the process of migration itself tends to take a lot of time. This is especially true if your website has a particularly large database and thousands of entries.

Being patient is necessary during every WordPress migration process. Do everything as carefully as possible. Most importantly – remember to create backup data before you begin! If you are not 100% sure you perform a successful migration using WordPress migration plugins, contact WP Full Care and let us provide you with the best options for your website’s development and security.