The Best Plugins for Rebranding the Backend of WordPress

WordPress needs constant supervision and maintenance. Even the best maintenance techniques require tweaks and constant improvements. WordPress is constantly evolving, so you might be thinking of some changes, too. In this article, we’re going to help you find the best plugins for rebranding the backend of WordPress and give you some tips on how to do it in a few simple steps.

What are the benefits of rebranding?

You might not think of rebranding the backend of WordPress until you actually understand the benefits of these actions. The main reasons why you should go for it are:

  • make it easier for your clients – rebranding the backend of WordPress will ensure the clients you make websites for don’t end up confused with all the additional WordPress options, especially if they are not experienced with WP. It will make the work easier for them, without spending too much time learning about WP.
  • keep in touch with clients for a longer time – after you’ve done a website for a client, by rebranding it you can leave some of your info visible, to make sure clients call you whenever they need you in the future. This will potentially create more work for you, as your brand will be visible on their website.
  • putting the company’s brand out there– another reason why rebranding is useful in exposing the business’ brand visible. This is particularly important if you’re doing a website for a huge client, who has a big team that logs in and creates content. This way, their WP will be custom-made and recognizable.
click on design to use plugins for rebranding the backend of WordPress
Change the looks of every website using plugins for rebranding the backend of WordPress.

How to rebrand the backend of WordPress – the top plugins

To be able to completely rebrand the backend of any website, and make it unique and interesting, there are certain white-label tools to help you do this. The plugins we will present in this article will ensure you transform the look of the WP for a certain website. Why are plugins important? Well, they are incredibly time-saving tools, that allow you to make changes without spending too much time on writing codes. However, if you are a coding pro, you can always make these changes manually. If not, you might be interested in the following list of plugins for rebranding the backend of WordPress.


This plugin is popular among its users for the simplicity of installation and use. It allows a wide range of changes you can make on WordPress. Some of them include removing the WP logo and adding your own – both at the login page and admin bar. Next, you can customize the theme, change widgets, etc.

wordpress typed on a machine
WordPress can be easily customized – use this feather in the best way possible.

White Label Branding for WordPress

One of the most popular plugins in the last year, White Label Branding has given WP access to many users. It allows customizing of all sorts – logos, color schemes, login screen, menus, etc. Furthermore, it gives more control over the website, as you can make different user roles, limit their capabilities, etc.

White Label CMS

One of the plugins with great reviews is available for free. It’s a great option to create a personalized look and a simpler management system for your clients. White Label CMS features include customizing the login page, the dashboard, menus, etc. You can also add preferred branding to the header and footer of the page, which is also an amazing option.

Material admin

This plugin is an amazing tool for customizing the theme of your WP page. It comes with 100 in-built themes that will create an elegant and unique look to your pages. Also, you can enhance the experience with over 20 dashboard widgets, custom logo, new menu management, and restriction options, etc.

Remove WP Branding

Another great plugin that allows you to replace and remove the WordPress branding from both the dashboard and the login page. You can add your own text, logos, and two customizable widgets for the dashboard. It allows simple branding and customization with simple and quick installation.

Important branding tips

When rebranding WP for a webpage, the plugins we mentioned above are just tools for website maintenance – your vision and creativity matter the most. That’s why we wanted to share the most useful tips on rebranding, which should be the base of every project.

Know your client and target audience

Probably the most important thing about customization is understanding the needs and requirements of your client. This means that the style should reflect their business idea, and most importantly, attract the target audience.

Focus on the logo

Probably the most interesting part is rebranding. The logo created for a business needs to be effective and it should reflect the services, products, or ideas the business offers. Also, the logo needs to be versatile, too. This means that it should be used not only in WP rebranding but also in social media and other places.

wordpress logo
The log is the core of every rebranding strategy.

Set a color scheme

The first thing a person sees on a website is the color scheme. It subconsciously sets the tone and gives an idea about the business’ services/product. As colors evoke certain emotions, you need to be very careful when choosing the perfect one.

Expand the rebranding strategy

Apart from rebranding the backend of WordPress, invest in personalizing other parts of your marketing. These include social media, newsletters, business cards, advertisements, etc. All of these will ensure the whole picture reflecting a brand that is truly recognizable by customers.


Revamping the identity of a website can be a lengthy, but very efficient process. The plugins for rebranding the backend of WordPress are amazing tools that will save you a lot of time and enable you to take a certain brand to a whole other level.

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