The best 5 table plugins to show your data

There are more than a few mention-worthy things you can do with table plugins on your website. Furthermore, this has been on the rise in terms of popularity and usability. You could go ahead and use them to share various data, make some price comparisons, or almost anything else. However, to do this the right way you’d need table plugins to show your data, and good ones too!

a man and a woman sitting in front of a computer
Presenting data through tables is very important.

This is why today we are going to discuss the best 5 table plugins to show your data, that you can download and use for your website. Your visitors need clarity and ease of access, and we are going to provide you with examples that help you achieve just that. You need to place some information for your visitors – fast, clean, and effective? We got you!

The best table plugins to show your data

We are going to create a list of the top 5 table plugins that you can use to showcase any type of data (just like we’ve shown the best 5 podcast plugins). This is usable by anyone since it doesn’t matter what type of data you are wishing to present, nor does it matter who you are presenting this too. This guide is as universal as it gets, and anyone can benefit from it! So, if you are trying to figure out whether or not this blog has anything to do with you, your website and your visitors, don’t worry. If you are simply using a table plugin guide, you’re in the right place.

Namely, there are several things that decide whether a table plugin is good or not. One of the things that people ask about first is the price, and nobody can blame them. Price plays a very important part. Right after price comes the – what do I get for my money – question. And rightfully so. This is why we are going to focus on two aspects:

  • How much does it cost
  • What do I get for my money

Hopefully, the combination of these two sets of info will be enough to at least kick-start your search. So, without further ado, here is our list of the top 5 table plugins to show your data.

Supsystic – the data table generator

This one is the first on our list, but this doesn’t mean that it won first place. Needless to say, this tool is amazing. However, the spotlight where this one shines the most is when you need to create very large tables. The reason behind this is the fact that this plugin offers unlimited columns as well as rows for the data you wish to put inside. Furthermore, it offers a front-end editing approach, giving you the ability to sort, search, and even paginate – making your tables extremely easy to navigate.

Within the Data Tables Generator, you are able to find features such as the unlimited table size that we’ve touched on earlier, the ability of users to sort and search through the table, the overall ability of your users to edit and pagination that is used for large tables.

laptop with a notebook and coffee
If you are ever in need of tables on your website, these plugins are the way to go.

As expected this plugin has a free version. However, if you wish to have a premium license for a single site this will bring you back 39 dollars. If you would like to take it big and have a premium license for 5 websites, it will set you back for a total of 69 dollars.

Ninja tables

Nothing really goes by without the ninja plugins. Ninja tables simply had to make this list. The best thing about everything ninja related is the fact that the plugin allows you to very easily create tables. Furthermore, these tables are so well optimized that they will, in no way, slow down your website.

The best thing about the ninja tables is the fact that they include over 100 tables styles. Furthermore, they are so well optimized that they allow for huge tables to be loaded extremely fast. One other thing that makes them worth it is the fact that they are integrated with the WP Fluent Form as well as the WooCommerce.

As expected, a free version exists but has limited features. If you wish to have them all you will have to cough up 49 bucks (for a single site), or 99 bucks which will allow you to create tables for 20 sites. There is, as always, an unlimited license that would cost 299$, allowing you to make tables for an unlimited number of sites.


Not much to say about this one other than the fact that it’s great. It is very easy and clear on how to use it. Furthermore, it’s quick and is used by just under a million users, which speaks volumes.

Of all the noteworthy features it will allow you to filter by row, sort, it will let you insert custom buttons and it has an automatic periodic import table.

This one is, believe it or not, fully free. The only thing required is a donation of your choice. This is if you wish to use a premium extension, which is more than fair.


wpDataTables made our list of top 5 table plugins to show your data for a good reason. The best thing about this plugin is the fact that it allows you to import data from countless sources (even Excel or Google Sheets) which makes this a very fast implementation process.

many excel spreadsheets
It lets you import from your Excel!

The best features that this plugin offers is the very advanced filter setup and the ability to perform calculations.

It has a free version or a premium one that will set you back 59 bucks annually. Additionally, you could get a pro version and an unlimited version, costing 109 bucks 249 bucks annually, respectively.

Last on our list of best table plugins to show your data – Posts Table Pro

We couldn’t overlook this one. This one allows you to organize both your posts and pages. On the downside, it will not let you make any custom tables that resemble Excel. It will, however, let you take existing WP content and have it displayed in the form of a table. Pretty neat!

It has the ability to paginate by default, adding tables into your main blog pages as well as archives and it lets you embed audio and video.

There is, of course, a limited version as well as paid one (65 bucks for a personal license, 115 bucks for a business one, and 215 for an agency one if you are a company that uses WP to build websites).

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