The best 5 podcast plugins

With podcasting being in the limelight as of recently, it only made sense that WordPress would add another addition to its already rich world – podcast plugins. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term ‘podcasting’ (even though we highly doubt there are such people,) it means that you no longer have to tune into a particular broadcast at a particular time. Podcasting makes it possible to distribute audio and video content that the listeners can access after they subscribe. Everything seems simplified and will be even more so after incorporating just one of the best 5 podcast plugins we selected for you. Our beloved WordPress platform has ensured you have plenty of good options right at your fingertips. Hey, if you still aren’t using this platform, here’s an added motivation for you to learn how to use WordPress and transit into its amazing world.

The best 5 podcast plugins ranked

Just remember that any of these 5 plugins can be the right one for you. It all depends on your needs and how much you are willing to pay. We’ll do our best not to be biased and rank them in the right order. So, let’s begin, shall we?

A drawing of a ranking of the best 5 podcast plugins.
Which one will take the number one spot and be crowned as the best podcast plugin?

5. Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove is a feature-rich but easy to use publisher. It was designed with WordPress in mind and it comes packed with impressive features. One of the biggest advantages of Podlove is that it boosts powerful analytics and free statistics straight from the dashboard. And if you know anything about Google Analytics and its importance, you’ll realize that stats and charts are always your friends. With flexible templates, multi-format publishings, and chapter support for managing episodes, Podlove Podcast Publisher seems to have it all. Especially when you take into account the fact that it’s free! However, you won’t be able to find a perfect thing in this world, and the same applies here.

Cons: if you want to use Podlove, you’ll have to upload files individually by using a single upload directory. Plus, getting the episodes from the podcast feed isn’t an available option, unfortunately, which might make you rethink your options.

4. Smart Podcast Player (Premium)

The Smart Podcast Player could easily have taken the number one spot on our list – had its most advanced features been available without a monthly or yearly subscription. This way, you’ll have to pay either $97 for a year or $12 per month to unlock all of the features. But it will be so worth it! This is a comprehensive WordPress podcast player with options as amazing as library display settings, direct downloads, and playback slowing. And don’t even get us started about its beautiful design! Another great thing about this podcast is that the episodes can be streamed and downloaded directly from the player so there is no additional hassle. Even though Smart Podcast Player is one of the best 5 podcast plugins, it still has its flaws.

A keyboard with a like and a dislike on it.
Weighing the pros and cons should help you choose the right plugin for your needs.

Cons: the Smart Podcast Player only supports MP3 audio formats and that is its biggest flaw. That and the fact that it does cost a pretty buck on a monthly or yearly basis which can be a big disadvantage considering the fact how many free podcast players there are.

3. Libsyn Podcast Plugin (Premium)

This is another powerful podcast hosting solution that we here at WP Full Care seriously recommend to any website owner. With this plugin in place, it’s easy to create episodes and schedule your posts. Quite possibly the best part about Libsyn is that you can upload your media files straight on your account. That means that, instead of being uploaded on your website, all of your podcasts will be directly uploaded to Libsyn’s server. The cheapest hosting plan will cost you only $5, which we can all agree is affordable. So, what could deter one from choosing Libsyn?

Cons: Libsyn’s podcast plugin is for subscribers only and it’s still in beta version. That means that you might run into bugs from time to time. And they will prevent this podcast from working properly or being used.

2. Seriously Simple Podcasting

If you are looking for quite possibly the simplest way to add podcasts to your website, Seriously Simple Podcasting could be the perfect solution for you. This podcast will let you edit important details like the title and category. You can also run a couple of podcast series on one single site as well as enjoy a beautifully designed media player. And since Seriously Simple Podcasting supports both audio and video podcasting, you get one of the best podcast plugins for zero dollars.

A pink piggy bank.
Leave your piggy bank intact – with Seriously Simple Podcasting, you won’t need it.

Cons: even though Seriously Simple Podcasting allows password protection for private podcasts, this feature can only work if and when you disable FastCGI from the webserver.

1. Blubrry PowerPress

Considering the fact that Blubrry PowerPress has over 65,000 active installs, it’s pretty clear why it would be considered as one of the best 5 podcast plugins at the moment. And there is a pretty good reason why so many people opted for this plugin in particular. It has over 100 interesting features. Let’s just say that with this plugin in place, it’s pretty easy to post an MP3 file on your website and then change it into a podcast host. Besides, with Blubrry PowerPress, it’s easy to edit your podcast episodes.

Cons: the only way to access statistics and some of the more advanced features is by becoming a paying subscriber. So even though this plugin is free to activate, some functions are still only available upon making a payment.

Whichever of the best 5 podcast plugins you choose, we can guarantee you that you won’t be making a mistake. All that’s left for you to do is compare their prices with their features and make a decision as to which one works best for you.

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