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    Cyber-security is no longer a commodity – it has become a necessity. With their role in modern business, WordPress websites are more exposed to cyber threats and malware than ever. Thinking about the safety of your website in advance is the smart play – and hiring our team to help you protect your website is the logical choice. WP Full Care knows how new updates and changes can affect the safety of your site and data. That is why we have clear security and monitoring procedures in place – to help ensure the best protection available for your WordPress website.

    What is the basis of our WordPress security and monitoring solutions?

    Google blacklists around 10,000 websites for malware on a daily basis. Therefore, protecting your website from a security breach, malware or hacking, or any other form of cyber attacks, should be a priority. However, this is much easier said than accomplished. With the constant development of WordPress, new updates create new potential threats. Our team is aware of this, which is why security and monitoring is part of the WordPress website maintenance services that we offer.

    Before installing any new updates or making any changes to your website, we make sure to back up everything and protect your current data. That way, even if something were to go wrong, we could simply restore the information lost an erase the damage done. We scan each new update for potential malware and remove it before proceeding further with the installation. The protection tools that we use to secure your WordPress website are top-rate and constantly updated to recognize and remove any cyber threats, new or old. And finally, we always make sure to monitor the functionality of your website, always keeping offsite backups close by, in case we need to restore a website as it was before a malware attack.

    Malware scan and removal

    The malware scans we do present a deep scanning process focused on discovering malware threats on your WordPress website. If discovered, the anti-malware software solutions that we use can remove the identified threats. The entire process involves several different tools and procedures, which we do on a regular and planned basis.

    Website Firewall

    The website firewall functions like a protective barrier for your website. As mentioned earlier, WordPress websites continuously have new core, plugins & themes that you want to update. However, as these come with potential threats, you need to ensure that you have your own line of defense against them. With a website firewall in place, you can be certain that the risk of malware or any other form of initial attack is reduced to a minimum. Installing and maintaining this firewall is yet another part of the WordPress security and monitoring service that we provide.

    Uptime Monitoring

    Installing a website firewall and doing malware scans covers a large part of the website security you want for your website, but there is still more that you can do. We remain vigilant in maximizing the protection of your website from any form of cyber threats. That includes continuous monitoring of your website’s functionality and performance. Additionally, we make sure to always have quick access to offsite backups for your website. That way, even in case of an attack or loss of data, we can easily restore anything that was lost to its original form.

    Optimal website security is the best protection for your business

    No matter how much time and money you invest in the security of your website, you can never completely eliminate the possibility of a breach. And if one does happen, it’s essential that you do all you can to resolve the issue rather than despair over why and how it happened. WP Full Care will respond to any breach with instant data recovery, focusing on damage reduction and restoration of site functionality. The WordPress security and monitoring solutions we implement serve to ensure optimal website protection, along with proper contingency plans in case something goes wrong. We cover all your bases, with a clear focus on defending against malware or any other form of cyber attacks.

    You should always have a backup plan

    Having one or more contingency plans in case of cyber attacks or any other website malfunctions is just a matter of smart planning. Yes, the security and monitoring services we offer are good, but they are not obsolete. None are. That is why we always plan for any possible scenario, testing and doing backups. We ensure the best protection for your website not by promising evolutionary anti-malware software or WordPress website firewalls, but by always thinking one step ahead. The offsite backups and our backup archive are the contingency that you need, among other safety measures and tools that our team offers.

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    Our WordPress security and monitoring services might be high-end, but our prices are more than reasonable. Our WP Full Care team focuses on the maintenance and support of your WordPress website. That is a service that includes a wide range of solutions, security & monitoring being just one of them. Choose the best for your business, and choose WP Full Care. We’ll take care of the rest!

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    Professional Care


    $59 monthly, when you pay yearly

    • Daily Backup
    • 30-days Backup Archive
    • Malware Scan & Removal
    • Website Firewall
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • WordPress Core, Plugin & Theme Updates
    • 1 Hour of Personalized Support
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    Advance Care Most Popular


    $109 monthly, when you pay yearly

    • Daily Backup
    • 60-days Backup Archive
    • Malware Scan & Removal
    • Website Firewall
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • WordPress Core, Plugin & Theme Updates
    • 2 Hours of Personalized Support
    • Speed Optimization
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    Ninja Care


    $159 monthly, when you pay yearly

    • Real-Time Backup
    • 90-days Backup Archive
    • Malware Scan & Removal
    • Website Firewall & Login Protection
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • WordPress Core, Plugin & Theme Updates
    • 3 Hours of Personalized Support
    • Speed Optimization
    • Priority Support
    • *Website Hosting
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    *Hosting can be provided only for the websites created by the wpfullcare team.

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    What Our Clients Say

    David Rothman

    Zippy Shell University

    “Maintaining a website with a large volume of online orders is a significant challenge, especially in the peak season. WPFullCare team assisted us with configuring the server, installing and configuring plugins, handling security and many other essential tasks for the functionality of the website. They are up to the challenge and I sincerely recommend them.”

    Bojan Djordjevic

    Alpha Efficiency

    “As a growing agency, we often need a backup development partner. WP Full Care helps us take care of the routine maintenance tasks for our clients. This frees up valuable time of our developers, while allowing us to tackle bigger challenges, while WP Full Care handles the rest.”

    Dr. Lynne Montgomery

    Special Needs Advocacy Partners

    “We started our website for helping population with special needs, and had the WP Full Care team to develop and maintain our website. We are very satisfied with the quality of work and response time in every situation. We highly recommend using their services.”

    Nikita Vakhrushev

    RPM Media

    “Keeping up with all the Wordpress updates for our clients has always been a struggle here at RPM. Lucky for us, we found WP Full Care to help resolve the issue. They’ve helped us free up time to focus on more important tasks, rather than dealing with updates.”

    Mark Stanford

    Dubai Personal Trainers

    “I hired WP Full Care guys to take care of my website, and they did just that! After experiencing multiple problems with theme and plugin update incompatibility I realized that it is the time to have professionals fix things for me. I am very satisfied with their work.”

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