Productivity tools for designers and WordPress users to improve your workflow

The process of building, maintaining, and designing a website is never an easy one! And if you do this for a living, you already know it without us telling you. We are sure you would love to be able to work smarter and not harder by managing to decrease invested hours and your levels of stress. Luckily, there are many productivity tools for designers and WordPress users which were created for many different purposes.

But they all have one thing in common – they allow different WordPress users and designers to simplify different parts of website creation and maintenance. Today, we are going to list a couple of the most useful ones which are just a small part of all the useful tools out there. Alas, listing them all would entail too much space. Plus, there’s always a chance of omitting a good tool that was just getting ready for launch.

Work smarter, not harder with these productivity tools for designers and WordPress users

Think of the following list as a good foundation for improving your workflow. Feel free to choose the ones you like, disregard the ones that you don’t, and do your own research for additional tools for productivity.

A sketch of a man working by using the best productivity tools for designers and WordPress users.
The following tools will be of huge help in different aspects of site creation and maintenance.

Trello – a team collaboration tool

If you work in a team that consists of multiple people, then you have a good reason to use Trello. In fact, the more people you are working with, the more reasons you have to use it. As a collaboration tool, its main purpose is to organize projects easily. This tool will allow you to organize your projects with the help of lists, cards, and boards, all the while being able to add comments and interact with other teammates.

Not to mention that Trello allows you to have a realistic overview of your projects with a simple glance. Oh, and it’s completely free, making it one of the best productivity tools for designers and users who are in dire need of easier project organization.

Toggle – a time tracking tool

Ever heard of the saying ‘time is money’? As the most valuable resource you have, it’s very important to spend your time in the best possible way. And that’s exactly what Toggle will do. As a time tracking tool, it allows you to track the way you spend time. It also allows you to assign time blocks to clients and projects, and it even lets you set estimates.

Toggle is especially useful for freelance web designers who are working with multiple clients. It will help you figure out which of your clients are most lucrative, not to mention that it will give you an insight into how you spend your time. We here at WP Full Care think that the first step to becoming more productive is figuring out how effective your work is and estimating where there is room for improvement.

A white alarm clock next to a white mug.
Check whether you are good with time management and use Toggle.

XAMPP – a development tool

As a tool that allows you to set up WordPress websites locally on your computer, it’s a great little trick for designers to have. By using XAMPP, you are not dependent on a live server when it comes to building and designing your site. You can do it anywhere and away from everyone’s sight so that you can correct your mistakes if you do stumble upon them. As anĀ open-source and free tool that’s easy to set up, this is one of the best productivity tools for designers and WordPress users who want to improve their workflow and efficiency.

Unsplash – a visual part of web design

Designers and WordPress users who create content are always on the lookout for visuals that will enrich their content and convey the message to the readers. If you don’t want to create your own photos, you can opt for stock images. Better yet, opt for Unsplash! It helps you stay away from generic stock photos by offering completely free and high-quality images.

The best part is the fact that you can use all of their images as much as you like and whenever you like. Quality images show a dose of personal care for your WordPress website and give your posts a unique flair. Besides Unsplash, you can also use:

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • My Stock Photos

Yoast SEO – an optimization tool

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a mandatory practice for every website. As a web designer and content creator, you are not just trying to create an aesthetically-appealing website for your readers. You are also trying to create quality content for search engines. If you are always working on content creation, you might want to consider using Yoast SEO – a plugin that will make the process of optimizing your posts as easy as ABC.

SEO in WordPress.
Focusing on SEO is the smart thing to do nowadays.

Using Yoast SEO is like having your own SEO expert at your constant disposal. It lets you optimize your content on the spot, all the while giving you instructions that will help you make the best out of every piece of content. So before creating your next post or page, we highly suggest you install Yoast SEO. It’s definitely one of the best productivity tools for both designers and WordPress users.

The conclusion

It’s very important to create a high-quality and engaging website that will attract visitors worldwide – but it’s also important to maintain your WordPress website once you make it. Luckily, there are many tools that can help you do that and assist you during every step of website creation and maintenance. Today, we gave you only five examples of the best productivity tools for designers and WordPress users that will help them improve efficiency and workflow. Feel free to do your own research and we are sure you are bound to stumble upon more tools that will help you save time and limit your stress levels.