Must-have small business website pages

Creating a website for your small business is a very important step. It is your online identity and a point of contact for potential customers all around the world. You need to get it right because it impacts all areas of your company. However, it is not that simple to create an efficient website that will speak to your clients and support your business. To help you in the process, here are some of the must-have small business website pages you need to add.

About Us page

If you wish to successfully brand your business and your website, the clients must know who you are. Furthermore, they need to be familiar with your goals and the values you promote. An About Us page will be a great introduction to the history of your business, employees and the management, and the core values of the company. This is a nice transparent way to say this is who we are, and how we do business. Present your products and services in a clear and concise way.

Contact information

Another one of the must-have small business website pages is the Contact Us page. If a client wants to reach out to you, whether it is to ask about a product, make a purchase, or file a complaint, they need to know where to find you. Websites that don’t have contact information can be annoying, and even shady from their perspective. With that in mind, the Contact Us page should have:

  • the full address of the office;
  • a contact phone;
  • e-mail address;
  • working hours;
  • social media information;
A red cord and a phone handset.
Make it easy for your clients to contact you, your business depends on it.

If you have multiple branches of the main office, make sure to list the contact information of all the branches. Furthermore, if you have different departments like sales, customer support, and so on, make sure to list their information as well. The more the better. You want to eliminate the situation where a customer needs information, and cannot find it.

If you don’t want to share those details with the customers, you can add a user-friendly contact form with a simple explanation that this is the only way for the clients to reach out to you. However, having a page with all the contact info is a much better approach.

Testimonials or Reviews page

There is no better way to promote your business than to allow website visitors to read about satisfied customers. A Testimonials or Reviews page will allow your most loyal clients to write how satisfied they were with the service you provided. It also sends a message to them, saying you are confident enough in your business. If you don’t allow the customers to express their gratitude or maybe issues they had, visitors might think you are trying to hide something. For example, a company with a lot of bad reviews may not want to display that for everyone to see.

Another reason why you simply must have a Testimonials page is that you can use it to express gratitude and communicate back to your clients. Engage them in a two-way conversation.

Products or Services page

Whatever you are selling, you must have a Products or Services page. This is a part of the website your clients will use the most. It must have all the little details about the products you offer:

  • the name and nature of the products;
  • product description;
  • prices and taxes;
  • shipping information;

You also need to link that page with the Testimonials or Reviews, so clients can read what other people wrote about the product they wish to purchase.

An online store

If your small business relies on selling products online, you must have an e-commerce page. It must be user friendly, with a simple shopping cart and all the features that come with it. People love to shop online, and you should not deny them that option if possible.

A person looking at an online store on a tablet.
People love to shop online, make it a possibility on your website.

A blog

What better way to attract the attention of your clients and keep them on the website longer than by adding a blog page. People like to read about topics of interest. They always look for more information, and you must be there to give it to them. A simple blog allows you to provide that extra piece of information that goes a long way. Furthermore, it is another way to actively engage your clients. They can leave comments, express their opinion, and share articles on social media.

Having important pages is not enough, you need to present them in the right way

Having a well-structured website with all the important pages is just a piece of a very complex puzzle. All the elements on the pages must work together to create a unique experience. To make it work, you will need the help of web and graphic designers, a marketing agency for startups, and a lot of time and energy.

As a result of their teamwork, you will have a finished product that will leave your clients speechless. A beautiful website that will advertise and market your business in the right way.

Consider the website layout

You must find the perfect spot for all of the must-have small business website pages. Website layout plays a crucial role here. Different setups require different approaches. For example, if you are a professional photographer, you need a layout that uses photos, galleries, and a lot of open space to present your work. On another hand, if you are running a news website, you need to focus on expanding your blog, getting the right font and size of the letters, and so on. Every industry has its own requirements. Consider what you do and pick the best website theme for your small business.

A person looking at different photos online.
The layout of your website will depend on the nature of your business.

Must-have small business website pages explained

You will need to put a lot of work into creating these must-have small business website pages. Every page needs to have a personality and a unique tone. The competition is fierce, and you need to bring your A-game. With that in mind, you need to set high standards for your website and focus on providing all the information to your clients.