How to Track Link Clicks and Button Clicks in WordPress

Have you been wondering what’s the easiest way to track link clicks and button clicks in WordPress? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer because our team of WordPress experts is here to give an answer to your question. Like many other things WordPress-related, the easiest way to achieve additional functionality is by using a plugin. For the purpose of this guide, we are going to use MonsterInsights.

So without further ado, let’s take a look into, by far, the easiest way to track link and button clicks on your WordPress websites. But first, let’s dive into why it’s important to track link and button clicks in the first place.

Why do you need to track link clicks and button clicks in WordPress?

Links and buttons are the two most obvious and direct ways that your users can use to interact with you – and vice versa. These two elements are what will lead users to make purchases or convert into a customer for your website, so you can clearly see the importance behind tracking these two features. You can easily see when your website visitors aren’t adding to the online shopping cart or why they aren’t signing up. And once you discover the root of the problem, it will be much easier to work on its solution.

A keyboard to track link clicks and button clicks in WordPress.
Improving your business in every possible aspect is a must for every responsible business owner.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a publisher, an affiliate marketer, or are selling a product – link and button clicks can uncover many valuable insights about your business. As an entrepreneur and a business owner, we are sure you value everything that can improve your business model and lead to more revenue. And tracking link and button clicks are certainly steps in the right direction.

Installing MonsterInsights and connecting your site to Google Analytics

The first step might not always be the easiest one, but that’s the case with this entire process. You should start by installing and activating MonsterInsights on your website and clicking the Activate button to get the plugin started. Once the setup wizard page opens, you can configure your setting and move on to the next step. And that’s connecting your site to Google Analytics.

Although, before you connect your site to your account, you will have one small step to accomplish. After activating the plugin, you will be presented with a page where you will be asked to choose your website category. You will be offered three options – Business website, Publisher (Blog), and Ecommerce website. Choose the category that is in accordance with your website and move on to the next step.

We are sure you know how important it is to add Google Analytics to your website. The use of this tool goes far beyond tracking link and button clicks in WordPress. MonsterInsight will need you to connect your site to your Google Analytics account which you can do by picking the category which you can do by clicking on the drop-down arrow. Next, simply click on the Complete Connection button. You can now see a detailed report of your website by accessing your WordPress dashboard. In order to check the insights, you should go to Insights > Reports and pay attention to what you see on the screen.

A man looking at a chart on a tablet.
There is so much perspective to be gained by following links and button clicks.

Configuring the MonsterInsights settings

Configuring the plugin settings is very important if you want to accurately track link clicks and button clicks in WordPress. The path you should follow is Insights > Settings. You will be able to check whether everything is working properly and see if you are getting all the insights that you need. What will this step help you do?

  • Set a path for affiliate links if you have any on your website.
  • Track link clicks every single time a user clicks on it.
  • Dedicate users who can see the tracking report.

What does our WP Full Care team suggest you do? We advise you to enable the enhanced link attribution option. Why? Because this option will differentiate between two identical links on the same page. With enhanced link attribution option enabled, you will be able to see which link is getting more clicks.

Luckily, that’s not the end of the additional options that you have with MonsterInsights. If you just scroll down the page, you will be able to see that you have many more options. These options will make it easy to track your affiliate links and increase affiliate revenue. You can find the reports for affiliate links under Insights > Reports > Publisher.

Once you have made all the desired changes, don’t forget to save your settings. If you wish to complete the process and use MonsterInsights, just click on the Finish Setup and Exit Wizard button and the process will be completed.

A Create button on a keyboard.
Who would have thought that generating valuable insights was that easy?

From this point forward, the plugin will start tracking and collecting data based on user activities. Once the plugin starts to track link clicks and button clicks on your WordPress website, you will be able to find the results in your Analytics events, as well as your WordPress dashboard. And by activating MonsterInsight’s Form Addon, you can even track form submissions. It will all be worth it once you start seeing improved results and increased revenue.

Tracking link and button clicks on your website should be a staple of your business proceedings

How much attention to you pay to the regular maintenance of your WordPress website? Having in mind that it’s important for the optimal functioning of your website, we hope that the answer is a lot. There is no reason to view the process of tracking link clicks and button clicks as anything less important than that. The insights that you will get this way will be very important for the future of your business, so we suggest you give them the attention that they deserve.