How to choose the best WordPress theme for your business

As by now you probably know, building a decent WordPress website is no easy matter. You need to make it intuitive and easy to promote. And you need to ensure that it is responsive and it loads properly. But, one of the things that are surprisingly important is choosing the right theme. As you will soon learn, it is not only important to choose the best WordPress theme for your business, but vital. So, with that in mind, we are going to take an in-depth look into pocking the right WordPress theme.

Why is it important to choose the best WordPress theme?

Those among you that are less experienced might be wondering why WordPress themes are so important. After all, most business websites look alike. So why should you take so much notice of the theme that you choose? Well, as it turns out, having the right theme for your website is essential. Especially if you plan on running an eCommerce store. A good theme makes the whole website flow together and gives it a certain feel. If you manage to choose a theme that goes well with your brand, marketing strategy, and content, you will have a terrific website on your hands.

A person smiling while looking at a website on their laptop.
A well-made website is beautiful to look at, and a joy to use.

Unfortunately, picking the right WordPress theme is not easy. There are numerous things that you need to keep in mind while choosing and consult with more experienced professionals. A well-made website is easy to spot, but difficult to make which is why we advise you to start thinking about your theme from the moment you start building your website. The more you can integrate it with your business and the brand that you want to promote, the better.

What to keep in mind while choosing

While you will probably need a professional website designer to help you pick the right colors and font, there are things that you should keep in mind. After all, the theme of your website will flow into various other aspects of your online presence. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should keep in mind what choosing a WP theme brings with it.


People that are new to web design often want a flashy, over the top theme for their website. They find a theme that they deem interesting and a thing that other people will enjoy as well. While this makes sense, it doesn’t actually work. Especially for a business theme. Here, your best bet is to use minimalism.

A website with a minimalist theme, showing you what to keep in mind when you choose the best wordpress theme for your business.
When you choose the best WordPress theme for your business, always strive for minimalism.

A minimalist WP theme is the one that gives you the most impact, for the least amount of content. Even a modest business website is filled with promotional content, important info, ongoing sales, product offers, and store search bars. Therefore, if you use a complicated theme with many details you will either make your content fall flat or make people not notice your theme. Remember, your theme is not supposed to compete with your content for your viewers’ attention. It’s supposed to help focus your viewer on the content and put them in the right mood. Luckily, this is precisely what a minimalist theme is all about. Just know that finding one is easier said than done as quality minimalism is hard to make. But, if you do find it, it will be well worth the time spent.

Mobile compatibility

No matter what your business website is about, a large portion of your viewers will look at it through their phones. Therefore, it is paramount that you make your website compatible with mobile devices. This comes through careful programming and optimization. But, it also comes from choosing a theme that works well for both phones and computers. Here, again, we come at something that is great when done properly, but difficult to achieve. Our advice is to try your best and consult with a professional as you go. You can potentially get away with two highly similar themes. One for mobile devices, one for PC. But, always try to find one that will suit both.

Laptop, a tablet and a phone sitting next to eachother.
Your website should look nice on all screen sizes.

Plugin potential

A quick look through the WordPress theme store will show you hundreds of complicated themes with animations, slick designs, and elaborate layouts. While it may seem tempting to use one of those, as they can be quite jaw-dropping at first sight, you need to keep your plugins in mind. Every website needs plugins. Even a small business website will at least need eCommerce plugins and safety plugins if it is to run properly. Therefore, you need to ensure that your theme will function with the plugins you plan to add. A good minimalist theme is bound to be compatible with almost all plugins, which is a reason more to get it. But, if you opt for a more complicated one, make sure that it suits your needs.

Easy maintenance

As all experienced web developers will tell you, a good website is easy to maintain. Before long, you will have to update your plugins as well as your WP theme. And, as you might have guessed, a simple website is far easier to maintain than a complicated one. Keep in mind that plugins that functioned well so far may malfunction after an update. This is why you need to backup your website before updating any plugins. And why you need to choose a simple, straightforward theme.

Final thoughts

Once you have your priorities straight, choosing the right WP theme shouldn’t be so hard. By following the advice that we outlined, you should filter out most of the current themes. We would also like to advise you to work with a professional web designer. Having an experienced professional by your side is the best way to ensure that you will choose the best WordPress theme.