How To Add A Hero Section To A WordPress Page

To create and add a hero section to a WordPress page there is not much that you need to do. As you will soon see, the whole process of doing so is fairly straightforward and void of any complicated procedures. But, as it is with most things regarding WordPress, you do need to put some forethought into your Hero Section if it is going to pull its weight. So, in this article, we are fist going to cover how to add a hero section to a WordPress page step by step. And then, we are going to take a closer look at what a decent Hero Section should have.

Add a hero section to a WordPress page

In order to add a hero section to a WordPress page, we first advise you to install the Organic Builder Widgets plugin. The plugin itself is fairly easy to install and activate, so we won’t go into much detail about it in this article. As always, you should create a backup of your website before installing this, or any plugin.

Programming lines related to web design.
Do what you can to avoid having to deal with web programming.

Know that even seemingly simple plugins can have complicated interactions with a website. And, while it is possible to disable a plugin without access to your admin area, you should really spare yourself from needless trouble. There are tons of backup plugins that make the process quite easy, or even automatic. So do yourself a favor, and backup before installing something new.

Once you’ve backed up your website, and installed the Organic Builder Widgets plugin, here is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Apply the Organic Custom page template. Later on, you will be able to change it, so don’t worry too much about it.
  2. Either publish the page or save changes in order to update it.
  3. Click on the Customize Page button.
  4. Select the Organic Hero widget.
  5. Within the indicated field you should add the title and the subtext.
  6. Add background (it can be either image, color, or video).
  7. Add button links – To do so you need to give your button a title and then copy the URL info into the Featured Link URL.

How to set up a decent Hero Section

As you can see, adding a Hero Section to a WordPress page is fairly simple. But, setting it up properly can be a bit more complicated. As it is the first thing your visitors see, you need to ensure that your Hero Area is as interesting and informative as possible. But, you also need to ensure that it is not overbearing. Having too much information, or not presenting it properly, are the most common mistakes that people make when designing a Hero Area. So, to help combat this, we’ll go over the important guidelines that you should keep in mind while designing. By following it and planning properly, you should succeed in giving the right first impression.

Plan before making

A decent Hero Section is not something that you make up on the fly. As it is with every aspect of web design, you need to plan carefully and consider what impression your Hero Section will make. Our advice is to start by figuring out which is the most important aspect of your website. The core idea will guide all the other design choices. By figuring out this core idea you’ll be able to properly orient your online presence. Once you figure out your core idea, you’ll be able to properly present your website and set up a top-notch Hero Section.

A person working on laptop while trying to add a hero section to a WordPress page.
You need to carefully consider your website before you add a hero section to a WordPress page.

Picking the right content for the Hero Area

Your goal here should be short and sweet. The more you can say in as few words as possible, the better. So, pick your words carefully. There are a couple of options in which you can present your words, but all of them will require you to do in a short span of time. Assume that your audience simply doesn’t have the interest more the motivation to absorb a ton of info. Even if they are interested when they come, you are bound to bore them away by showing website info in their face. So, stick to your website’s core idea and stay short jet informative.

Adding a background image

Once you use the Organic Builder Widgets plugin you will see that there are a ton of options when it comes to background images. You can not only choose the image but also adjust its color and opacity.  So, similarly to picking the right content, you need to pick the right image. Your goal should be to carefully balance between interesting visuals and plain colors. The easier thing to do is to pick a boring image that doesn’t add anything to your Hero Section. Or to pick an image that is too interesting, and therefore diverts the attention from the content. The hard thing to do is to choose a background image that will help highlight the content and make it more interesting. To make this possible, we suggest that you advise with experienced professionals. You should also study websites that have a core idea similar to yours.

Using a video

A great way to create a Hero Section is to use a video. A carefully designed video is usually much more interesting and informative for viewers then written content.

A video on a laptop.
Using a video for your Hero Section can be a great idea.

There are a ton of options you can go for, from animated videos to camera recordings. So, try to figure out what style of video suits your website best. If you plan on having video content on your website anyways, you should definitely consider using a video for your Hero Section. After all, what better way to convey what your website will be all about.