How JetPack can help you to monitor your WP website and much more

When you first become a website owner, you probably already have a five-year plan regarding the future of your business. To set yourself and your business apart in an overly saturated market, you need to give people something they want. You need to give them options. You need to give them uniqueness. In terms of your website, those options and that uniqueness can be best expressed through different features. As a plugin with over 5 million active installations, JetPack is one plugin that combines different features, all of which you would need a separate plugin for. But you only need one – JetPack! JetPack can help you to monitor your WP website, protect your website from brute force attacks, it offers the Photon module, and so much more. Today, our WP Full Care team is about to delve into the issue and explain just how useful JetPack is!

Different features come at different prices

The good news is that most of the features that Jetpack offers come with the free-of-charge version of the plugin. However, if you want boosted performance, and some advanced security options (such as website backup and restore option, and advanced malware protection) you can opt for one of the paid packages. JetPack offers four different packages:

  • Free. (100+ free WordPress themes, unlimited image CDN and lazy loading images.)
  • Personal – $3.50 per month. (the addition of daily automated backup and 30-day archive.)
  • Premium – $9 per month. (the addition of unlimited video CDN.)
  • Professional – $29 per month. (the addition of 200+ premium WordPress themes, real-time automated backups, and unlimited archive.)
A dollar bill.
Should you invest in a paid version of JetPack?

If you are a blogger who is running a website for fun or as a hobby, getting a professional version of JetPack might not be worth it. However, if the purpose behind your WordPress website is a more important one, then a professional version will be more than worth it. It will be a necessity.

JetPack can help you to monitor your WP website with improved ease

The work on maintaining your WP website is a never-ending one. You can take all the necessary measures of precaution and your website can still go down due to many reasons. If and when this happens, you have to be ready to get things up and running because the longer your website is down, the more money can be lost. With JetPack, you won’t have to check your website uptime and downtime manually – you will receive an e-mail informing you of all the changes.

JetPack’s downtime monitoring feature works by checking your WP site’s performance from time to time and informing you via e-mail once any downtime occurs. But JetPack doesn’t want you to forget about this nuisance – it will send another e-mail reminding you that your site is still down and that you need to act accordingly. Once your site is up and running again, it will send yet another notification, informing you that your site is back online and that everything is in perfect working order. For obvious reasons, every website owner should use this feature of JetPack to the max.

To enable the downtime monitoring option, just go to the Security tab in Settings. Toggle the downtime monitoring option and feel free to relax while JetPack keeps an eye on things.

JetPack can not only help you monitor your WP website, but also improve your website’s security

With state-of-the-art security tools, the JetPack Protect feature promises to keep your WP site safe and sound. Depending on which version of JetPack you use, you’ll have some of the most important security issues addressed and solved. From security scanning that comes with premium and professional plans to plugin updates and security sign-on, JetPack will ensure there is no room for error.

The JetPack Protect feature will start working automatically when you connect your site to and it will protect your site from brute force attacks and suspicious logins. Bear in mind that JetPack is the first line of defense against hackers and malicious sign-in attempts. For added security, you might want to use the services of a professional for whom WP security scanning and real-time monitoring is part of their job description. And that’s what we here at WP Full Care are all about!

Security - JetPack can help you to monitor your WP website and its security.
Improve your website’s security and constantly working on it should be one of your priorities.

Photon – a JetPack module you’ll want to have

We know that large images can slow down your website and we all know that site speed is an important factor. There are many reasons why a person would want to work on speeding up a WordPress website, improved user experience and better search engine ranking being only some of them. With Photon, an image acceleration and editing service, this becomes an easily manageable problem.

The way Photon works is by showing images to your readers from the cloud. What this does is place less load on your host and results in faster image delivery for your viewers. When you take into account the fact that readers tend to leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load, you can easily see how Photon is one of the most useful modules that come with JetPack.

Do you feel like you want to activate Photon? Find the ‘Settings’ page and switch to the ‘Writing’ tab. Then find the ‘Media’ page and activate the ‘Speed up images and photos’ option. As simple as that.

What’s the bottom line?

It’s undeniable that JetPack can help you to monitor your WP website while also having positive effects on your website’s security and loading speed. As long as you activate the right options, you are bound to reap all the benefits of installing JetPack. The only thing you have to decide is whether you want to use the free or paid option. Just know that we feel the paid version is worth every cent. The final decision will be up to you!

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