How Google Rating Stars Can Help Boost Your Site Traffic

Having good reviews is always a good thing. Whether people leave good comments on your posts or give you decent feedback through your email, it always feels good to be appreciated. Apart from feeling good, having Google rating stars can also help boost your site traffic and assist you with your overall online presence. If you are smart, you can even use star reviews to build trust. Before we get into that, let’s first take an in-depth look into how Google rating stars work.

Why Google rating stars can help boost your site traffic

No matter what your website is about, most of your traffic will come through Google. Whether you are selling items, providing services, or simply giving helpful insights, most of your audience will look for something on Google’s search bar, and with luck, find your website among the results. This is why handling SEO is not only advisable but vital. It’s also why Google rating stars play such an important role in your online traffic.

The importance of reviews

The whole idea behind having Google rating stars is to quickly build trust with your visitors. Say that a person is going through various websites. On a chance, they find yours in Google’s search bar and try to figure out whether you are worth checking out. They can go through a painstaking process of researching your website beforehand. But, in reality, people don’t have time for that. Their decision is usually based on the first impression they have. And the actual first impression is the short text in the rich snippet and the number of stars associated with your website.

A person smiling while looking at a laptop.
Most potential visitors will judge you based on your rich snippet.

Stars are by far the easiest way to tell whether a website is worth visiting or not. So, even though you may catch someone’s attention with careful marketing, you might not make them visit your website simply due to the fact that there are no stars to speak of.

Customer trust

What we are trying to get at here is you need to work on your customer’s trust. In a modern world where everyone is seemingly trying to get a quick buck out of you, it can be hard to trust. People are sick and tired of constant ads that promise much and deliver little. Therefore, the more you can work toward presenting yourself in an honest, open manner, the better online traffic you are going to get.

Of course, it is not enough to simply implement the Google rating starts. After all, customer trust is something you build over the years and maintain throughout your online presence. But, it is important to use every tool available to showcase your integrity and quality. Luckily, Google rating stars are just the tool for the job.

Tackling SEO

While working with professionals who deal with SEO Atlanta would be your best guarantee for results, traffic coming due to Google rating stars will also do wonders for your SEO efforts. The more traffic you have, the higher you will be in Google’s search results. And the higher you are in Google’s search results, the more likely you are to get more traffic. Before you know it, you will start an upward spiral that will have your website on the first page of Google’s search results for various keywords.

Google SEO, representing one aspect where Google rating stars can help boost your site traffic.
Google rating stars can help boost your site traffic through better SEO results.

How to implement Google rating stars

Unfortunately, Google rating stars is not something you can simply download and install. While you can add rich snippets, you will have to work and earn these stars if you are to present them. To do so, there are a couple of things that you need to execute.

Display customer reviews

In order for Google to consider you for rating stars, you first need to implement other reviews. This can either come from third-party websites where people directly comment on your business. Or you can implement a review section on your website so visitors can post directly. Whatever third party reviews you get, try to implement them on your website so Google will have an easier time finding them. A good idea is to send emails asking satisfied customers to leave honest reviews, as it will be of considerable help.

Label the necessary data for Google

To further help Google understand reviews on your website, you need to label them. Luckily, there are certain plugins that make this process easier. On your review page you need to clearly outline:

  • What is being reviewed?
  • The number of reviews
  • Average rating
  • The average number of reviews per day

Sending a sitemap to Google is already a good idea made even better if you plan on utilizing star ratings. The more closely you can communicate with Google, the easier it will be for them to recommend your website.

Final thoughts on Google rating stars

Even if you have ample experience with using Google, you are probably unaware of how important the star rating is. The reason Google rating stars can help boost your site traffic is they have become integrated with our online experience, we hardly even notice them. No matter what we are looking for, we pretty much assume there will be a star rating to help us out.

A girl showing something on a phone to her grandmother.
If you pay attention to it, you will soon see how essential Google rating stars are for our everyday online activities.

Finding quality products or services would be far more difficult without Google’s rating stars. After all, they give an intuitive way to see what is worth checking out. Again, we have to mention that Google rating stars aren’t a cure-for-all, and you need to tackle your online presence with the attention that it deserves. But it doesn’t hurt to know how important these little stars are, and how vital it is to implement them.