Creating a high-impact WordPress landing page – tips and hints

In today’s world where the success of your business depends on your online presence, without a well-optimized and content-rich website, your company is headed for doom. And that’s a certainty. Sure, you can rely on new blog posts every week and try to make them as interesting and engaging as possible, but it’s the landing pages that sell. The potential of a high-impact WordPress landing page is tremendous – we are talking about a real game changer here. What if we told you that a well-designed landing page is directly responsible for turning the landed traffic into customers and leads? And you already know the significance of attracting new customers, so we won’t even delve into that.

A man writing an article on a laptop.
By increasing your email list and brand awareness, a high-impact landing page is of utter importance for your business.

Moreover, running a website (at least a functional one) can almost not be imagined without WordPress. It has become quite an imperative tool for impresarios all over the world. But, as life goes, the more traffic your WordPress website attracts, the more dangers it will face. That’s why you will need a team of pros like us here at WP Full Care who focus on your needs and wishes, as well as work diligently on making sure everything runs smoothly.

The importance of a WordPress landing page of high-impact

Let’s briefly reflect on the precise reasons why every business owner should go the extra mile in an attempt to create a WordPress landing page of high-impact. As a purpose-built page, a landing page has the ultimate purpose of convincing people to buy your product or sign up for using your services. Being a powerful marketing tool that it is, it can directly impact how well your business thrives. And we are sure your goal is to become a leader in your prospective field.

When designing a landing page of high-impact, it’s all about making it look attractive. You should definitely personalize it according to your wishes and needs, but also keep the buyer in mind the whole time. What would convince you to choose the product that you are serving over the products of others? To maintain an already functioning website is easy – all you have to do is contact us. But creating a high-converting landing page is something else entirely. So let’s dive into the matter.

The process of creating a high-impact WordPress landing page

Before you can actually start creating your perfect landing page, you have to do some thinking. What is your ultimate goal? Are you trying to promote a new product and/or the discounts on subscription services? You definitely have to have that cleared up before you start. Also, you can’t write a landing page without the appropriate keywords. Extensive keyword research and analysis is of utmost importance before starting to write a high-impact WordPress landing page. Once you get those two out of the way, it’s high time you got down to business.

A killer headline is the first step to success

It only makes sense that a strong and straightforward headline plays a crucial role in creating a high-converting WordPress landing page. It is the first one in the line of fire – it’s what grabs people’s attention after opening your landing page. Spend as much time as needed on coming up with a good headline – it won’t be time wasted. Although, while you do so, have these few guidelines in mind:

WordPress on the display.
Feel free to spend some time on the title.
  • A headline needs to be short and concise, and you should limit it to no more than 10 words.
  • It should inform the reader of your product/service.
  • Most importantly, it should have a high impact on the one reading it. 

Subheadlines are what makes readers stick around

Think of it like this – if you’ve succeeded in coming up with a catchy headline, the subheadline should serve the purpose of further informing readers about your business and services. A persuasive subheadline should have an effective call to action which will make readers compelled to your services. Just remember – it’s good to be persuasive but not pushy. There’s a world of difference between the two.

A picture is worth a thousand words

It seems like, with every year that passes, our attention spans get shorter. Our brains are programmed to process images faster than words (60,000 times faster, to be precise), which is why a relevant image will be crucial for developing a WordPress landing page of high-impact. Although be wary – not every picture will do. You have to find the ones that show the product you are trying to sell and make sure you position them correctly. The goal isn’t to make a mess out of your landing page – it’s to create a neat and organized environment where your customer can get informed.

A woman working on a laptop.
To achieve a professional look, use relevant pictures of high-quality.

Be clear and concise

Think of your landing page as the direct representation of what your business is all about. You only have so much space to faithfully describe your products/services and try to answer different questions that are frequently asked, so you should make every word count. Don’t user filler words and generalized statements. Instead, focus on explaining the benefits the buyer gets from purchasing your services. How will you solve their problem? What is there to be gained by choosing what you offer? And what will they lose if they opt for someone else? Hey, sometimes, people respond best when being reminded about their loses, so you should certainly use that to your advantage.

Always provide a few methods of contact when creating a WordPress landing page of high impact

Some of the most representative landing pages you will be able to find have a few methods of contact. From a physical address to an e-mail address, you should make sure you include different means of contacting the company’s representatives when writing a high-impact WordPress landing page. The reason behind this? The more information you provide, the safer will your customers feel. And in the days where fraud is all around us, you can rest assured the security is everyone’s primary concern.

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