What is Googlebot?

Have you ever heard of or read about Googlebot? The word itself sounds rather amusing, ...

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Steps for how to create a Blog website

In this day and age, being a blogger is a lucrative thing. Blogging might not ...

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Best Email Marketing Tools that work with WP

By now, you’ve probably managed to figure out the following statement on your own – ...

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What is WordPress Multisite?

What any person who is using WordPress knows by now is that this platform is ...

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How long does WordPress update take

It’s very true that WordPress has taken the world by storm so much so that ...

Read More vs – what is the difference?

Do you know what the most popular way to build and maintain your own website ...

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Tips for moving WordPress to a new hosting account

There can be many reasons why you think that moving WordPress to a new hosting ...

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What are the breadcrumbs and a few tips about how to show them in your pages

How can a word such as breadcrumbs have anything to do with your website and ...

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The best 5 podcast plugins

With podcasting being in the limelight as of recently, it only made sense that WordPress ...

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What are the hidden costs of using WordPress?

Being an absolute beginner at something is hardly ever easy. This includes starting your own ...

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