The best 5 table plugins to show your data

There are more than a few mention-worthy things you can do with table plugins on ...

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Best WordPress Plugins to Clone or Duplicate a Site

Have you found a new web host that you think will better suit the needs ...

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How to Buy a Domain Name

Having a catchy address might not sound like a big deal but, trust us, it ...

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How to Disable Fullscreen Editor in WordPress

After its update, WordPress 5.4 opens the post and page editor in fullscreen mode by ...

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How to Hide or Style your Subcategories in WordPress

Before we delve into the ways of how you can hide or style your subcategories ...

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Best Form Plugins for WP

One of the most important steps towards improving the customer experience on your website is ...

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How to Find Your WordPress Login URL

It might surprise you to know that finding the WordPress login page URL is a ...

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How to use the Bad Bot Blocker in WordPress

Bad bots are a true nuisance that can hinder the work you do in your ...

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How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress

Image editing tools are one of the biggest advantages of using WordPress. This platform allows ...

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Why is it important to Update WordPress, Plugins, and Themes? How to do it?

As one of the leading CMS systems in the world, WordPress is able to satisfy ...

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