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What is Duplicate Content Issue in WordPress

With WordPress being behind more than 30% of pages on the Internet, its usability and ...

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How To Optimize Images For WordPress

Search engine optimization is a big deal these days. People spend a lot of money ...

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How to Make All 404 Pages Redirect to the Homepage in WordPress

404 errors are a part of every website and they are no cause for alarm. ...

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How to Get an SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website

Online security is a major concern for most internet users today. We install anti-virus programs, ...

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How to reset the WordPress admin password

There are many reasons why one website owner could opt for a WordPress admin password ...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Formatting Your WordPress Posts

There are many reasons why WordPress has become such a powerful and widespread platform nowadays. ...

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Why You Should Use Headings in Every Blog Post

Anyone can write a blog. All you need is a platform, a bit of time, ...

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The Best WordPress Migration Plugins

As you might have heard or read about already – starting a new WordPress website ...

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How to make your WordPress site mobile-first

In the past several years you were, maybe, able to get away without designing your ...

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How To Detect And Remove WordPress Redirects

In this glorious day and age, WordPress has proven time and time again just how ...

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