How to Remove the Sidebar on Your WordPress Website

Most WordPress themes come with a sidebar, a column of content that can be displayed ...

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WordPress Recovery Mode: Functions, Filters, and Settings

If you’re a seasoned WordPress user, you’ve probably come across some errors here and there.  ...

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Things You Should Do When Inheriting a WordPress Site

Keeping a popular website up and running is more difficult than it looks. It includes ...

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How to Disable WordPress Admin Email Verification Notice

With the release of WordPress 5.3, there is now a screen that shows every six ...

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What is Headless WordPress: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re running a successful WordPress website, chances are you’ve heard about Headless. But what ...

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How to Promote Your Twitter Page in WordPress with a Popup

Are you looking for ways to promote your Twitter page in WordPress?  We at WP ...

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Ultimate Guide To Using Gravity Forms in WordPress

Forms are more than just a way to gather information; they may also serve as ...

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How to Add WordPress Reaction Buttons to Boost Engagement

Looking to increase the number of active users on your site and boost engagement to ...

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Tips to Easily Create a Quiz in WordPress

We understand how draining it can be to constantly stare at the screen when trying ...

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Why Do You Need a Social Media Cheat Sheet for WordPress?

If you’re running a WordPress website or blog, taking advantage of social media channels is ...

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