Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Incorporating a YouTube video gallery can be a great way to showcase your video content and yield quality online traffic. You can even use your website as a marketing tool for your YouTube channel, and drive traffic to it in a natural way. Luckily. WordPress has some terrific plugins that make dealing with YouTube video galleries simple and straightforward. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our pick of the top YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress.

Our pick of top YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress

As it is with almost all plugins, we do recommend that you make a backup of your website before trying them out. Even plugins that seem simple can have unforeseen interactions with your other plugins. This, in turn, can cause your website to malfunction or downright stop working. So, to avoid having to redo your website or jump through hoops in order to make it work, create a backup. That way, if something goes wrong you can easily boot it.

Smash Ballon YouTube Feed Pro

If you are not well versed in WordPress functionality and optimization, we recommend that you try using Smash Ballon YouTube Feed Pro. With it, you will be able to easily set up your YouTube video gallery. Furthermore, you can proceed to optimize it and make it so that it blends in with the rest of your website. You can create a custom YouTube video gallery out of specific videos. Or, you can choose to showcase all the videos that you have on your website. You can even combine different channels and present them as a single gallery.

A person writing a YouTube schedule.
With Smash Ballon you will have an easy time constructing and maintaining a YouTube schedule.

For each video, you can add further details like likes, comments, shares and reactions. Furthermore, Smash Ballon YouTube Feed Pro allows you to easily present live streams as well as upcoming videos. And to top it all of, Smash Ballon is surprisingly efficient and doesn’t slow down your website at all. So, if you are unsure where to start with plugins for YouTube video galleries, we suggest that you start here.

Envira Gallery

If you’ve tried to add a photo gallery to your website you’ve probably considered using Envira. After all, it is a well-made plugin that manages galleries quite effectively. So, if you need to host both photos and YouTube videos, we strongly suggest that you consider Envira. As we said, the fewer plugins you have, the less chance there is for them to misbehave. So use the Enviras 2 for 1 option and host both photos and YouTube video content. The only potential downside to using Envira is that it doesn’t automatically add new YouTube videos to your gallery. For some, this is a non-issue as they prefer a higher degree of control over which YouTube videos end up on their website. But, for those that want to seamlessly interstage their website with a YouTube channel, this can be a deal-breaker.

A website with a photo gallery.
Certain YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress allow you to integrate photo galleries with them.

YouTube Showcase

Another easy recommendation is the YouTube Showcase plugin. While it may not have as many options like the ones we mentioned so far, the ones it has are more than enough for a standard website. The default layout is truly well crafted and it can easily fit with any number of websites. Through this plugin, you can utilize two widgets for recent and featured videos. And you can use categories and tags to organize your videos and help your visitors find what they need with more ease. So, before you decide on more complicated plugins, we suggest that you try this one as it probably has all you need.


If you are looking for an easy to set up, one-and-done plugin for your website, then you need to check out YourChannel. All you need to do is to enter your username and your channel ID. After that, YourChannel will automatically add your videos, fetch banner images, view counts, subscribers and playlists. All in all, it will copy your YouTube channel to your website and present it in a comprehensive way. Therefore, if you plan on starting a YouTube channel and simply using your website for promotion, this is the plugin to use.

A girl running a YouTube channel after using YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress.
Knowing which plugin to use can make promoting a YouTube channel a whole lot easier.

Video Gallery – Origin Code

Sometimes it is not enough to showcase only your YouTube channel. Sometimes, you may also want to add content from Vimeo and present it along with your YouTube videos. Well, if this is the case with your website then we strongly recommend using Video Gallery by Origin Code. With it, you can easily combine content from YouTube and Vimeo and present it in a single gallery. With it, you also get multiple templates and video upload options. So, whether you will place videos on your landing page or your home page, we are sure that Video Gallery from Origin code will be more than enough is.

Automatic YouTube gallery

Having one YouTube video gallery on your website does sound nice. But, what if you would like to have multiple? If this is the case, then we strongly recommend using the Automatic YouTube gallery plugin. Through it, you can automate most of your set-up process and ensure a streamlined integration between your YouTube channel and your website. One of the great things about this plugin is that it is surprisingly well optimized. So, if you are worried that the numerous galleries will slow down your website, don’t be.

Final thoughts

Before choosing between the YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress we suggest that you first decide on what you need from them. As you can see, plugins can vary drastically in customizability and optimization. So, if you want to host videos on your website, you need to precisely determine what you’ll need from your plugin. Do that, and you will have a much easier time deciding which plugin is suitable for you.