Best WordPress Request a Quote Plugins

Running a service-oriented business is one of the most effective ways to build a strong company. Since we know that every service business requires an option for clients or sales representatives to submit a quote, here are the best WordPress request a quote plugins for 2020/2021!

Types of request a quote plugins

First of all, it is crucial to understand that not all WordPress request a quote plugins are the same. What you want to avoid is to set up a plugin that does not meet your requirements.

Basic quote requests are what I call a “communication” quote requests. The user informs the service provider they need some form of service. The reason why this is called a basic quote request is that there are no complicated calculations within the quote structure.

On the other hand, instant quote requests are more useful if you are directly selling services online.

With that in mind, before you decide to look at any plugin, decide for yourself whether you need calculations or not.

How to recognize well-made WordPress request a quote plugins?

When you look at the plugin directory for WordPress, you will see an ocean of plugins. Without testing them, you cannot know for sure if they are good or not. When it comes to well-made WordPress request a quote plugins, there is an array of features you should be looking for:

  • show or hide prices
  • add to quote button
  • add-on for cost calculation
  • forms customization
  • option to send notifications
  • price estimator
  • option to add multiple products
  • the ability to integrate with other plugins

All of these features are a necessity for any good WordPress request a quote plugin.

Settings button in the WordPress admin panel.
Different plugins have different settings and features, know what you want before you pick a plugin.

YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote

Since WooCommerce is one of the most used plugins for a website, let’s start with this request a quote plugin. If you are looking for easy no-setup solutions, this is the safest option for you. One of its best features is the option to show or hide the price and add-to-cart button.

Wholesale Suite (Order Form and Prices Premium)

Here is another plugin that integrates well with WooCommerce. With this plugin, you get to offer wholesale pricing, which is ideal for bulk sales.

Furthermore, thanks to the searchable and sortable table, you can display the entire product catalog on a single page.

WooCommerce – Quote Request or Enquiry

With this WooCommerce add-on, you get the option to turn the shop mode on and off. When the shop mode is off, it removes all shopping features and only displays the product catalog.

What makes this plugin popular is that it integrates well with AJAX and Contact Form 7.

A piece of HTML code.
Coding request a form functionalities from scratch requires a lot of work, it is better to use efficient WordPress plugins.

WP Invoicing

This plugin works a bit differently. If you need a back-end quote building functionality, this is the way to go. The way it functions is that you collect quote requests from a form, and then build a PDF file to send to your client. It is a simple idea, and it lets you keep all of the data in the same database. Furthermore, it is the best add-on for Contact Form 7.

Request a Quote

This simple yet very useful plugin is the go-to solution if you don’t need any price calculations in your quotes. While the free version offers options to request a quote and additional information, if you decide to go pro, you also get access to form builder, additional fields, the ability to customize forms, and spam protection.

eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress

If you are building a WordPress website from scratch, this useful plugin is a smart way to go. It turns all of its focus toward request a quote functionalities.

The reason why it ended up on today’s list is that it is very useful for service provides who also sell products.

Formidable Form Builder

Let’s look at one of the most versatile options for requesting a quote. This very popular form builder lets you design your own forms with the same functionalities. Furthermore, with it, you can design any type of form you want.

An illustration of a web form.
Form builders are a good option because they let you design not just request a quote form, but any other form you can think of.

While other plugins focus only on the request a process features, this form builder offers a wider array of options. That makes it a unique option because you can use the same system to build all the forms for your website, and keep everything in the same database.


Here is another form builder you can use to a setup request a quote page. Besides all the form builder options, it also has premade request form templates you can use or customize the way you like it.

How to pick the winner?

As you can see, the options in front of you are in abundance. When you browse the WordPress plugins database, you will see a lot more options in front of you.

Before choosing any WordPress request a quote plugins for your website, doublecheck what functionalities you need. Even though you will find other options, I suggest that you stick to one of the plugins we covered today, simply because:

  • these plugins can handle custom quotes
  • they integrate very well with popular platforms
  • the process of sending a quote is simplified

For a quick solution, you can’t ask for more than this!