Best affiliate marketing tools and plugins for WordPress

If you are thinking about how to earn from your blog, affiliate marketing is a way to go. Affiliate marketing tools and plugins for WordPress will allow you to quickly build affiliate links in just a couple of steps. Overall, it can be a convenient way to earn money by promoting services and products you consider good and worth using. In particular, anytime visitors buy something using your links you will get compensation. In other words, it’s a smart and easy way to monetize your website or blog through promotions.

Some of the best affiliate marketing tools and plugins for WordPress

In reality, many SEO professionals are using these tools to help them manage websites. In the event that there are many vulnerable points, you have to protect your website from harm. How do you do that? Either you get professional assistance from experienced experts, or you learn how to do it yourself. With this in mind, various tools can help you increase both functionality and security at the same time.

Security tab in the WordPress dashboard.
Don’t forget the security of your website when testing tools.

Now, let’s continue with some of the key benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • The best thing about it is that it has a global reach.
  • It has also the potential to draw large traffic.
  • In essence, it’s a cost-effective business opportunity to monetize your online presence.
  • Allows you to strengthen the connection with high volume affiliates.
  • Finally, you can do it without previous experience.

Now that you know some of the key benefits, let’s name and discuss the best WordPress affiliate marketing tools and plugins.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links helps you easily create links and shape them the way you want. With this tool, you can organize, share, test, cloak, and track links without much trouble. For example, you might have a large inconvenient affiliate link. With all those URL tracking characters, it usually looks quite ugly. But, you can make it into a short, easy to remember, and clean link with Pretty Links. You can also send links by email directly from WordPress.

Active installations: 200,000+

Some features:

  • Advanced redirect
  • Link tracking
  • Auto-linking feature
  • Reporting interface
  • Auto-link keywords

Price: Free option, then minimal option $49 per year for the Beginner package.

Short “” web address in a smartphone mockup example.
Clean and short links are easy to remember.


This is another great plugin where you can manage your links from WordPress. But, it’s quite easy to use because it integrates with the WordPress admin dashboard. Generally speaking, with ThirstyAffiliates you can insert, cloak, and track the performance of each link through reports. It is also quite a convenient tool for managing your links without any unnecessary bloat.

Active installations: 30,000+

Some features:

  • Smart redirect
  • Automatic keyword linking
  • Images and banners in links
  • Cloaking
  • Protection from theft and malware
  • Full importing and exporting support

Price: Free option, also minimal paid option starting with $49 per year for single-site owners.


MonsterInsights is a very popular plugin that allows you to add, customize, and manage Google Analytics website tracking services within your WordPress. Not to mention it gets along quite well with the most popular eCommerce platforms and gives you real-time statistics. Also, there are many advanced options like SEO Score tracking, outbound link tracking, and many more.

Active installations: 2+ million

Some features:

  • Easy Google Analytics setup
  • Real-time stats
  • Affiliate links and ad tracking
  • Complete set of reports
  • Email summaries
  • Page insights

Price: Free option, also a minimal paid option for $99.50 per year for basic Plus package.


By all means, this is one of the most user-friendly and powerful contact form plugins for WordPress. Notably, its only alternative might be the Contact Form 7 plugin. With WPForms, you can easily create signup forms, survey forms, and many other forms because of its drag and drop form builder. Furthermore, you get plenty of pre-built templates you can use. One of the popular functions is that it allows solutions for sending affiliate requests to your website. Since it integrates well with Constant Contact too, it will also allow you to auto-send replies to users.

Active installations: 3+ million

Some features:

  • Advanced fields
  • Various pre-build templates
  • Multi-page forms
  • Unlimited entries
  • Constant Contact
  • Protection from spam

Price: Free option, then minimal $39.50 per year for the Basic package.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an advanced plugin for email marketing. It allows you to easily make and customize attractive and responsive emails. It also comes with advanced tracking tools and allows automation. With Constant Contact, you get real-time tracking of mails, automated response, and constant communication with users. As mentioned above, it works very well with WPForms. But, is also compatible with most other plugins and recent WordPress updates. To conclude, you can create donations, coupons, online polls, and plenty of other things in no time.

Active Installations: 40,000+

Some features:

  • Drag and drop editing
  • User-friendly contact management
  • Manage and create events
  • Survey tools
  • Real-time tracking
  • Advanced analytics
  • Scheduling

Price: The first month is free, then a minimum of $20 per month for the Email package.

Illustration of many emails heading toward the laptop screen.
It’s easier to deal with email marketing with proper tools.

Smush, one of the most popular image optimization plugins for WordPress

Smush is, probably, one of the greatest solutions to optimize your images for the web. Simply put, with just a few clicks, you can cut the weight of images without losing on quality. Again, thanks to the various useful options, it’s one of the most popular image compression plugins. Additionally, with options like “lazy load”, you can considerably lower and properly allocate the loading time of your pages. And, you can customize any images needed for listings like rich snippets.

Active installations: 1+ million

Some features:

  • Bulk optimization
  • double compression with Super Smush
  • Optimization of large photos
  • Automatic resize and scale

Price: Free for images up to 5 MB. Also, Smush Pro paid option for $39 per year for one website.


Even if it’s a relatively new plugin, RafflePress is a powerful WordPress tool that will probably last for long. In general, this is a great option if you need to create giveaways and contests on your website to capture visitor’s attention. Thanks to the great drag and drop giveaway builder, you can quickly design campaigns that can get you a lot of traffic. Also, there are various templates already inside, so you can start your campaigns right away. In addition, everything is responsive, which is, in fact, a requirement so everything will work on different devices.

Active installations: 10,000+

Some features:

  • Control of timing
  • Multiple prize options
  • Email verification
  • Advanced notifications
  • Enhanced prize image gallery
  • Viral sharing

Price: Free option, then a minimal paid option for $39.20 per year for the Plus package.

Mailchimp is one of the best plugins for WordPress

All things considered, this is an advanced marketing tool for WordPress featuring custom domains, free email templates, and 7 easy marketing channels. Not to mention it’s one of the best tools to build an automated sales funnel and track customers.

Active installations: 800,000+

Some features:

  • Automation
  • Templates
  • Marketing CRM
  • Custom domains
  • Detailed data reports
  • Track and segment customers

Price: Free version, also a paid option for $9.99 monthly for the Essentials package.

Given these points, the success of your affiliate marketing will depend on many things. But, these best affiliate marketing tools and plugins for WordPress will give you the edge you need to build your brand and stand out among the competition. So, start learning about them and increase your chance of success.

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