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WP Full Care and its team are dedicated to making things easier for you.

We are determined to help you grow and expand your business on a global scale. And that simply isn’t possible without a properly running website nowadays. That is where we come in to take care of all the heavy lifting. Our devoted team is always at your service and just a call away. We will make sure your website functions just the way it is supposed to – flawlessly. Always.

You don’t need tools and plugins to make your website bulletproof. All you need is the right team by your side. And that is exactly what WP Full Care offers. We listen and focus on accommodating your unique needs and wishes. And that is why we are the team to invite to take care of your website. Not only will we make sure it runs trouble-free, but we will dedicate ourselves to it completely. And more importantly – we will convert all your ideas to reality. This is not just something you need – it is something you deserve.

Team that develops customized solutions for your unique needs

Team member Barbara R.

One of the core drives of our company growth is Barbara’s comprehensive understanding of WordPress software and its diverse functionality. Her ability to create unique and engaging solutions to problems that we come across is precisely what makes her such an essential part of our team. Barbara is a big piece of the puzzle that helps us foster a truly productive and engaging work atmosphere that makes no issue too difficult to resolve.

Barbara R.

Team member George R.

As a developer, George R. uses his in-depth knowledge of database connectivity and hands-on experience in managing WordPress websites to overcome any obstacle that our team is faced with. He represents the collaboration across our departments – the link that connects all the puzzle pieces together and creates the best possible WordPress solutions to advance internal efficiency and growth. One word – perseverance.

George R.

Team member Michael S.

A knowledgeable WordPress developer with more than 20 years of experience in building and maintaining complex websites, Michael does it all. The aspect of extensive development management, from project’s inception to its completion, comes as natural as breathing to Michael. As the team’s manager, he is actively involved in the daily execution of projects, all the while setting a high standard for his team, pushing them past all obstacles and challenges.

Michael S.

Team member Anna D.

Our clients can’t help but be amazed by Anna’s ability to continuously deliver outstanding results and exceed their expectations. With her years of experience and a background that covers every aspect of working with WordPress, she has a leading role in our team. Simply put - Anna is a person you can turn to for any kind of assistance when it comes to development, building solutions, coding or monitoring websites.

Anna D.

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